Intelligent Character Recognition by Konfuzio

An upgrade to Konfuzio's Intelligent Character Recognition provides unsurpassed Automation in data entry. The AI-driven technology is at the forefront of digitizing handwritten text and complex fonts, simplifying your document processing tasks like never before.

What is Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)?

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is a technology that enables computers to interpret printed and handwritten text and convert it into machine-readable text. Intelligent Character Recognition uses machine learningto understand fonts, decipher handwritten notes and process complex texts. Konfuzio's ICR software performs these tasks accurately and efficiently, resulting in numerous benefits for businesses.

Advantages of Konfuzio's Intelligent Character Recognition

  1. Automated data entry: By automating data entry, Konfuzio's ICR software significantly reduces manual intervention. Companies save time and minimize the risk of human error, resulting in improved data accuracy.
  2. Efficient processing of handwritten notes: Particularly in the healthcare sector or in industries where handwritten information on forms plays an important role, the ICR from Konfuzio enables accurate and fast processing of this data. Patient records, doctor's notes and other handwritten documents are reliably digitized.
  3. Security and privacy: Konfuzio attaches great importance to Security and data protection. The ICR software ensures secure processing of sensitive information, which is particularly essential in industries with high security standards.
  4. Adaptability and integration: Konfuzio's ICR technology is flexible and can be seamlessly integrated into existing business processes and IT structures. The adaptability enables optimal use of the software in different corporate environments and industries.

Applications of Intelligent Character Recognition

  • Automation of air waybills

    Automated document processing and the use of AI can sustainably optimize and accelerate many processes. Companies in the logistics sector also benefit enormously from the new technologies. In this use case, we show you the added value of automating air waybills. Challenge In the logistics industry, efficient processing and archiving of air waybills is...

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  • AI in law enforcement: Email analytics in the public sector

    The digital transformation has had a positive impact on many areas of our society, including law enforcement in the public sector. In particular, the analysis of emails has become increasingly important as it is an essential part of modern means of communication. This use case illustrates how AI in law enforcement and specifically Konfuzio can help optimize this process. A...

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  • Automated checking of certificates

    The ability to distinguish between forged diplomas and employment certificates is becoming increasingly important. Employers and educational institutions need to ensure that certificates submitted are authentic in order to maintain the integrity of their institutions. This is where Konfuzio comes in - a software that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a reliable, efficient and future-proof solution for the automated verification and analysis of...

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  • Contract review: AI-based efficiency for law firms and lawyers

    If you are a lawyer, you will certainly be familiar with the problem: manually checking and evaluating contracts can be extremely time-consuming and error-prone. Every day, numerous contracts, both online and paper-based, have to be checked in detail; in addition, all clauses and deadlines in the contract have to be adhered to correctly. And all this while new clients are constantly waiting for your services....

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  • Financial forecasts through emotion analysis of financial news

    Forecasting share prices is one of the most challenging tasks in finance. Conventional methods based on historical data and classic economic models reach their limits due to the volatile and dynamic nature of the markets. In addition, limitations in web scraping of financial data make comprehensive data collection difficult. In this use case, we present an innovative approach to...

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The versatile applications of this intelligent technology are established with Konfuzio as a leader in this field and enable precise recognition of printed and handwritten text in combination with a

  • user-friendly interface,
  • Scalability,
  • Compliance and
  • proven efficiency.

All in all, Konfuzio is the ideal choice for reliable data capture and extraction as well as intelligent document processing.


Konfuzio's Intelligent Character Recognition offers companies the ability to optimize and automate their business processes, regardless of industry. Precise character recognition minimizes manual tasks, speeds up document processing and improves the accuracy of data through highly accurate extraction and analysis capabilities when using the Konfuzio AI software.


Choose Konfuzio and test the transformative power of intelligent character recognition for yourself. Optimize your business processes with cutting-edge technologies and take your company's efficiency to the next level. Get your free initial consultation now:

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