Document AI: Intelligent document processing with AI-based OCR

Configure optical and semantic algorithms easily

Thanks to the hybrid use of different AI technologies, also called Hybrid AI, Konfuzio enables you to automatically infer the complete context of a document in a technically adept way. This reduces the level of AI investment and dramatically standardizes AI projects.

Initiate AI project

The secure data room for your AI

Create a separate project for complete data sovereignty.

Configure AI project

As individual as your documents

Define your fields and decide freely and individually which information should be read out by the AI in the future.

Train one AI per document type

The AI learns from your documents

Import few documents and show the AI the information you want it to recognize. After that, start training the AI with one click.

Scaling AI projects via interfaces

Use AI directly productively

Immediately after the training, the AI is already live: send documents and images via email, or use our API, web upload or one of our partner integrations.

Document automation

Expand your offering as a Konfuzio partner with your own AI solutions

As a multilingual and cross-industry IDP software, Konfuzio serves our partners as a module for even smarter document processing.

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"With the technology, we have reduced manual labor and processing time per transaction or customer and sales wait time by 75%. "
Dr. Patrick Afflerbach
Management Board, 1:1 Assekuranzservice AG