Helm & Nagel in the Austrian daily newspaper "Die Presse"

The digitalization of banks and the financial sector is a topic that has been on the public's mind for many years. Many of the technologies used to date are now increasingly regarded as outdated and are partly responsible for the slow pace of further development. Artificial intelligence could become a decisive factor by accelerating and automating many processes.

In Austria, the issue has been examined more closely. "Die Presse" spoke to Christopher Helm, Managing Director of Helm & Nagel GmbH and pioneer of Konfuzio, in particular about the potential of advanced banking software.

The most important insights:

  • Specialist departments in banks often initially produce more data than they can evaluate directly.
  • Automating processes can help by managing data, bookings and communication more efficiently.
  • Banking software helps by creating individual profiles, evaluating data and making personalized suggestions for action.
  • An important result in the service area is significantly improved customer loyalty.
  • The detection of fraudulent activities is also a common Use case in finance. Special software can be used to detect anomalies in the data stream.
  • Last but not least, AI-based risk management also enables well-founded decisions to be made in the Lending.

The article was published on 05.06.2024 in the print edition of the Austrian daily newspaper "Die Presse" and is now also available online.

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