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Growth through contradictions - guest article for it-daily

Tim Filzinger

It is not uncommon for different employees to produce different results from the same process. In this way, human subjectivity sometimes obscures which weaknesses are more likely to be attributed to the actual process. Certain deviations can also occur when AI is used in companies. However, these can be measured and tracked very precisely, giving staff a new form of clarity about their processes. This is due to various characteristics that are closely interwoven with this new technology...

Ultimately, it is important to use AI in a well-dosed, targeted manner and in an environment of trust. Only then can the full effect of objectivity, reproducibility and explainability be achieved. But what exactly is important and what do the results look like? Our CEO Christopher Helm describes this in a German-language Guest article for the specialist medium

Here are the most important insights:

  • Errors can occur with human and occur in machine processes
  • At best, artificial intelligence brings with it various factors of objectivity in order to generate positive insights from deviations and contradictions
  • Explainable AI is an important concept for this, as it makes AI predictions comprehensible
  • In addition, the reproducibility is as high as possible, which allows processes to be investigated more precisely
  • In this way, the processes themselves become important information carriers in companies
  • Quality management and controlling can particularly benefit from this
  • Managers who invest in trusting cooperation between employees and AI in companies are rewarded with fewer deviations and greater automation of processes.

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