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A Google Cloud Vision Alternative worthwhile for you if Google Cloud Vision does not meet your requirements. This may be due, for example, to the data processing locations, the insufficient range of functions or the lack of personal contact with the provider Google. 

Google Cloud Vision describes Google's cloud-only service that is particularly focused on machine vision. 

Machine vision refers to the ability of computers to recognize visual information. In this process, objects in images are identified and processed by matching on the basis of image databases. 

Part of machine vision is OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which makes it possible to recognize the text in images.

The following functions are provided by Google Cloud Vision:

  • Machine learning models to classify images based on self-defined labels.
  • Features for visual recognition in applications, for example image label recognition
  • Guides, references, videos and other resources with lots of helpful information to get familiar with Vision API product search
  • Simultaneous use of multiple APIs such as the Vision API, Translation API, and Natural Language API to extract, translate, and parse text from images
  • Enabling the Vision API, cloning a sample app, setting up authentication, and more.

Google Cloud Vision says it is suitable for all sizes of businesses. 

However, by targeting a broad audience, you don't benefit from the capabilities that a provider specializing in machine vision with the appropriate technology can give you.

For companies that deal not only with images but also with documents, Google Cloud Vision is out of the question. This is not only due to the special challenges of PDF, TIF or Microsoft Office files, but also due to the small selection of functions in terms of document management. 

The focus of Google Cloud Vision is clearly on pure image processing.

Are you looking for a suitable alternative? In this article you will find an overview of 5 providers.

Google Cloud Vision disadvantages

Google like logo on green circle in front of laptop

Google Cloud Vision focuses on the following applications:

  • Video and image analysis applications 
  • Train machine learning models that classify images
  • Use pre-trained APIs to recognize objects, read handwritten text, and create valuable image metadata
  • Easily integrate with Google's multi-cloud data warehouse, cloud functions, and cameras for end-to-end functionality

Users of Google Cloud Vision complain about the following points in particular:

  • Previous technical experience necessaryto be able to use the software without any problems
  • Too little choice of functions in the area of document management
  • No individual hosting: All images and documents must be edited via Google's cloud

An alternative to Google Cloud Vision is of particular interest to companies looking for comprehensive machine vision software that they can seamlessly integrate and benefit from beyond just OCR.

Why choose an alternative?

Editing documents and classifying images and their properties takes a lot of time in your company. Therefore, it makes sense to use a software or service whose functions support you in your daily tasks.

The sovereignty of data processing, a comprehensive range of functions as well as the best technical documentation and communication at eye level with specialists are important for you if you want to be successful with your company in the long term and not just pay money for the name Google.

Step by Step - How to find the right provider

  1. Determine the current state: Where do you particularly need support?
  2. Identify the target state: What features does the tool need to have?
  3. Make a selection: Which vendors will make the shortlist?
  4. Decide: Which software suits you best?

Alternative providers to Google Cloud Vision

There are several alternative providers to Google Cloud Vision. When deciding, make sure the provider fits your business, your requirements and your vision for the future. Make sure that you can use as many functions of it as possible.

The following providers are suitable as an alternative to Google Cloud Vision:

  1. Konfuzio

    Konfuzio is an all-in-one tool for automatic document processing.

  2. Microsoft Computer Vision API

    Microsoft Computer Vision API is a cloud-based tool that allows developers to read documents and images.

  3. Clarifai

    Clarifai is a computer vision and machine learning AI platform for processing unstructured image, text, and audio data.

  4. OpenText Magellan

    OpenText Magellan is a flexible data analytics platform with artificial intelligence that combines open source machine learning with predictive analytics: 

  5. Amazon Textract

    Amazon Textract helps you automate your image and video analytics with Machine Learning cloud-based.

Konfuzio logo on green background, alternative

Powerful software with many functions from Konfuzio

Konfuzio is for you if you value an AI-based, high-quality OCR application that you can customize and deploy flexibly.

Konfuzio's focus is on efficient and intelligent document and image processing in the cloud, making it the German alternative to Google Cloud Vision. 

Konfuzio with its selection of functions is aimed primarily at

  • System houses
  • Consultations
  • Large companies in various industries

A smooth start is ensured by the many integrations and the intuitively applicable functions.

The focus is on optical-semantic AI (Hybrid AI), which you can easily customize via the Konfuzio user interface. The focus is on OCR (optical character recognition), NLP (natural language processing) and CV (deep learning for computer vision) technologies.

Technically experienced users can make their own adjustments via the numerous source code modules.

Document types that are frequently automated with Konfuzio include:

Konfuzio Alternative to Google Cloud Vision

Function selection

Konfuzio's AI-based OCR service focuses on:

  • Automated document processing thanks to Intelligent Document Processing
  • Input Management: Mail and email inboxes are processed and data is automatically extracted from PDF, image, Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents such as invoices, waybills, contracts and system reports.
  • Automatically categorized filing thanks to document classification
  • Emails with attachments: The extraction of email data such as orders, lead notifications, system alerts, and trip confirmations
  • API & SDK Development for extensive access for developers to the web interface and the document AI. The AI and UI module makes it possible to implement your own document workflows in a particularly individual way.
  • Preparation for DMS/ECM and Document archive: Automatic preparation and correction through categorization, assignment and filing in the document archive. Secured and qualitative capture of index values and search filters.
  • Sophisticated indexing and search functions so you can easily store, process and retrieve documents automatically
  • Particularly accessible software documentation

Are there any special features in your documents or images that the AI should take into account? Then you can, for example, mark various fields as important and use them to teach the AI which further steps are necessary.

Integration possibilities

When selecting the right software, it is also important to look at the integration options offered. This ensures that the OCR service fits seamlessly with your existing software landscape.

In the "Integrations" area, Konfuzio provides the following interfaces, for example:

  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Excel Power Query
  • Airtable
  • Numerous other RPA, ERP or CRM systems

The prices of the software vary depending on the scope of use and installation environment. You can find the prices in the current Price list.

In summary, Konfuzio is characterized by the following features:

  • Target group: System houses, consultancies and large companies
  • Functions: AI-powered IDP for documents and images, input management, API and SDK development for customized workflow, sophisticated indexing and search capabilities, and more.
  • Integration: Google Docs, Microsoft Teams, Airtable, other ERP and CRM systems

With Konfuzio you have more than just a pure OCR software at your side. In addition to many document management-related functions, the provider also provides you with the option to train the AI itself. This way, your specific requirements are also met. 

Other providers at a glance

The Microsoft Computer Vision API is a cloud-based tool that allows developers to read documents and images.

  • Target group: Companies of any size
  • Functions: OCR, image reading, spatial analysis
  • Integrations: With other Microsoft applications

The software from Clarifai offers users a great variety in processing images:

  • Target group: Developers, computer scientists, companies, government institutions
  • Functions: Individual training and use of AI software, unlimited amount of images and documents read out, individual object search in files etc.
  • Integrations: Qualcomm, Nvidia,, SAP

OpenText Magellan is a flexible artificial intelligence data analytics platform that combines open source machine learning with predictive analytics: 

  • Target group: Legal, automotive, banking, healthcare, life sciences, public administration, oil & gas
  • Functions: Service-based cloud capabilities, Capture toolsets for high-precision data extraction, Intelligent document classification.

Amazon Textract helps you automate your image and video analytics with Machine Learning cloud-based. However, you must already be an Amazon AWS user to do this:

  • Target group: Companies of different sizes
  • Functions: Content moderation, face matching and search, face recognition and analysis, text recognition.
  • Integrations: Amazon AWS

Conclusion - Google Cloud Vision alternative according to your requirements

Google Cloud Vision is a much-used American provider of cloud-only machine vision services. However, this does not mean that this software is always the best choice.

Depending on the industry and customer requirements, you should start looking for a suitable alternative. Especially if you do not use all functions or the software does not suit you optimally, a change is recommended.

The more effectively you can adapt the software to your needs, the more efficiently it will work in the end.

Konfuzio is the only German vendor to provide a powerful and particularly flexible AI that not only optimizes document management and thus improves overall Process optimization in your company, that of your customers or users.

What do you think of Google Cloud Vision? Have you already switched to an alternative provider? Feel free to write your opinion on this topic in the comments!

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