Generative AI for companies

Benefit from the potential of Generative AI. Konfuzio offers innovative solutions for the automation and optimization of business processes with advanced GenAI technology. Take advantage of the many benefits of Generative AI and other technologies used by Konfuzio.

Generating new data with AI.

Is possible with GenAI.

Use Konfuzio software and generative AI to classify, process, analyze and evaluate structured and unstructured data in documents such as invoices, orders and forms.

In addition to Generative AI, our applications also include intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision and Machine Learning - trained on over 100,000 documents.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI, also known as generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), is a class of AI systems that can independently generate new data and content. These advanced systems generate creative content that goes beyond what they have been taught.

With Konfuzio, companies can use GenAI to increase their efficiency, reduce costs and develop innovative products.

Creativity and adaptability

Generative AI models are flexible and adapt to different tasks and applications.

Innovative products and services

Generative AI opens up new opportunities for innovative products and services that stand out from the competition.

Cost-efficient solutions

Generative AI enables significant cost savings through automation, including creative processes.

Generative AI models are based on artificial neural networks that can capture complex patterns and correlations in large amounts of data.

How does Generative AI work?

Data preprocessing

Collection and preparation of large amounts of data to remove irrelevant information and make the data accessible for the model.

Network architecture

Use of complex neural network architectures, such as transformers, to recognize spatial and temporal dependencies in the data.


Adjustment of the weights in the neural networks to recognize patterns and structures in the data.

Generation of new content

After training, the AI independently generates new content based on the patterns it has learned and the context of the training data.