Futurised vs. Konfuzio - Duel of two AI companies

artificial intelligence (KI) enters the stage of a well-known television format. In the 14th season of the popular show "The lions' den" on VOX, creative entrepreneurs once again dare to present their idea to potential investors. In the first episode on August 28, 2023, founders Eric Böger and Max Schlensag presented their company, Futurised GmbH.

The founding duo's goal is to bring a fresh spirit of innovation to the world of work through their product. Basically a good idea, because companies are always on the lookout for advanced solutions to make the best use of their data and optimize their business processes.

But what exactly is behind Futurized? And can the AI start-up keep pace with a "big player" from the same industry in a direct comparison? As an established company, Konfuzio takes a look at what the new player in the AI sector has to offer and takes a stand.

Futurised - short introduction of the AI newcomer

Futurised is a startup that specializes in providing advanced AI solutions for businesses. It uses AI technologies to simplify data-driven processes, thereby providing support to businesses. Its service offerings include a broad portfolio of AI solutions, including intelligent chatbots, predictive models, customer satisfaction analytics and more. The young company's focus is on integrating the latest technologies to achieve maximum efficiency.

Futurised range of services

Futurised advertises the following services, among others, as part of its Internet presence:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Over 200 solutions for specific use cases
  • Integration with more than 500 systems
  • Specialists for the automation of control processes

Futurised Orchestrator

  • Cross-departmental RPA management
  • Dashboard view of all TSPs
  • Planning and control of RPAs

Futurised AI Portfolio

  • MailReplyAI: Automatic email categorization, generation of reply suggestions by AI.
  • InfoExtractAI: Efficient document processing, extraction of relevant information
  • CustomerFeedbackAI: Automated analysis of customer feedback, identification of trends and moods
  • ChurnPredictionAI: Prediction of customer churn, recommendations for customer retention.
  • ForecastAI: Precise forecasting models for companies
  • SmartChatbotAI: Generative answers for improved customer service
  • SmartAssistantAI: Generative responses based on local data

Opinion of Konfuzio on the Futurised service offer.

Futurised states that integration of RPA technology into more than 500 systems is possible. Unfortunately, a more detailed explanation or - as things stand - a complete listing is missing in this context. At Konfuzio, we believe that potential customers should have these integrations explained. Since the company has only become active in the automation context in 2023, the integration into 500 systems is a promise that is probably only possible by using established software, which in turn incurs further licensing costs.

Upon closer research and illumination of the statements, we at Konfuzio also ask ourselves: Is Futurised GmbH in fact an RPA provider? Or do they "only" resell for the software company UiPath?

In the course of the advertised MailReplyAI, we clumsily draw a parallel to the Microsoft Outlook function: sending automatic out-of-office replies.

5 advantages of Futurised, based on the described service offering

  1. Comprehensive range of AI solutions
  2. Automation of control processes
  3. Efficient email processing and customer feedback analysis
  4. Precise predictions and forecasts
  5. Improved customer service and efficiency

Konfuzio - The renowned AI company at a glance

Comparison Futurised to Konfuzio

Konfuzio is a leading company in the AI industrywhich specializes in the automated processing and extraction of information from texts and documents using AI. The focus is on a platform that supports modern machine learning algorithms and NLP is used to extract structured data from unstructured texts and process it automatically. The solutions offered by Konfuzio enable companies to efficiently analyze data from different types of documents and use it in different ways, which will be discussed in more detail later on.

Konfuzio Range of services

The offer of Konfuzio includes, among others, the following services:

Document management

  • Automatic classification and tagging of documents for easy filing and searching.
  • GoBD-compliant document archiving and automatic processing according to rules.

Document processing

  • Optical character recognition (OCR) to identify and extract relevant data.
  • Automatic correction of documents for error elimination and quality improvement.

Mapping digital business processes in workflows

  • Automatically create workflows for automated document processing.

Process optimization with DMS

  • Leverage machine learning and AI to improve document quality and reduce processing time.

Low code email automation

  • Automatic extraction and classification of data from emails.
  • Low-code approach enables easy implementation and use.

Data Privacy

  • Automatic identification and classification of sensitive data for protection and storage.

10 advantages that Konfuzio also has in store for your company

  1. Efficient document management: Automatic classification and tagging of documents facilitate filing and searching.
  2. Document processing: Optical character recognition (OCR) extracts relevant data, improves document quality and reduces errors.
  3. Workflow optimization: Automatic workflows based on rules and procedures improve process efficiency.
  4. Process optimization: Use AI and machine learning to increase document quality and reduce processing times.
  5. Increase productivity: Faster document search, correct Data extraction and efficient workflows lead to increased productivity.
  6. Time and resource savingAutomated processes reduce manual work and costs.
  7. Better decision making: Quick access to accurate and relevant documents supports informed decisions.
  8. Flexible integration: Konfuzio's software can be easily integrated into various business environments and pre-existing IT structures.
  9. Scalability: The platform is extended as needed and customized to different requirements.
  10. Better customer service: Automated processing enables faster and more consistent responses to customer inquiries.

Similarities and differences between Futurised and Konfuzio

FocusDevelop and deploy AI solutions to optimize data-driven processes and decision making across multiple business units.Automated text processing and extraction of structured data from unstructured texts and documents.
Solutions offeredIntelligent chatbots, predictive models, customer satisfaction analytics, document processing.Platform for automated document processing and extraction of information in all industries.
data processingEmphasizes local data processing and generation of responses based on internal company data.Specializes in automated extraction of structured data from unstructured text.

Both Futurised and Konfuzio offer valuable AI and data processing services. However, the choice between the two depends on a company's specific needs. While Futurised offers a broader range of AI solutions, Konfuzio's expertise in text data processing and tailored approach makes it an attractive alternative - especially for companies working with a large amount of unstructured text data.

Reasons that speak for Konfuzio

As you can see at a glance in the table below, both AI companies offer a remarkable range of services for companies, organizations and industries interested in intelligent process optimization. Nevertheless, Konfuzio comes out on top in a direct comparison.

Process automation
Data analysis and data processing
Implementation of AI technologies
Established solution
Software manufacturer

Below we give you compelling reasons why Konfuzio is undoubtedly the better choice:

Targeted text processing and automation

Konfuzio focuses its resources on processing unstructured text data. While Futurised offers a wide range of AI services, Konfuzio's focus is on text processing precision. Konfuzio uses advanced AI technology to extract and classify relevant information from the most complex texts and documents of any kind in a completely automated and accurate way.

Efficiency in document processing and document management

Konfuzio not only offers AI support, but also revolutionizes the process of Document processing. With the ability to analyze and understand large amounts of text data, Konfuzio helps to dramatically reduce document processing time. This leads to a significant increase in overall efficiency while minimizing human error.

Digital document management

While a traditional document management system (DMS) can be used in the digital management and organization of documents faces significant challenges, it is easy for Konfuzio's software to complement the functions of a standard DMS and support companies with the solutions it offers.

Applicability in all industries

Konfuzio offers cross-industry solutions that are applicable in various sectors such as legal, finance, healthcare and more. This makes it a versatile option for companies looking to streamline their data processing operations while meeting the specific needs of their industry.

Individual solutions for customized results

Konfuzio's experts work closely with clients to develop customized solutions that meet the exact needs of each business. Using this personalized approach, companies achieve the best results from text automation.

Continuous innovation and further development

The AI technology from Konfuzio experiences continuous development to keep pace with the latest technical changes. We always offer our customers access to the most advanced tools and application areas, so-called use cases.

The winner is?

Both companies focus on innovative AI technologies, but their specializations differ. While Futurised focuses on a wide range of AI solutions for optimizing processes, Konfuzio's focus is on automated data extraction from texts and documents and their intelligent management.

The choice between Futurised and Konfuzio depends on a company's individual requirements and goals. Futurised offers a wide range of AI solutions, while Konfuzio is an interesting alternative with its customized solutions and focus on word processing.

Konfuzio stands out as a leading force in direct comparisons and impresses with its experience and specialized expertise. Companies looking for more efficient, precise and customized solutions will find Konfuzio the ideal choice for their data processing needs.

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