Fleet management software: AI as a driver for efficiency

Today, fleet managers generally rely on professional fleet management software to plan vehicles, drivers and routes. It makes it easier for them to bring all data together on one platform. However, this is not the end of the story.

After all, in order to process the data in the fleet management system with as little effort as possible and draw the right conclusions from it, companies not only need suitable software, but also a powerful add-on with artificial intelligence.

We show you the advantages of fleet management software, the leading providers currently on the market and how AI automates and optimizes large parts of the processes within the software.

The most Important in a Nutshell

  • Fleet management software enables fleet managers to make processes more efficient and reduce the risk of accidents and infringements.
  • Leading providers of fleet management software include Avrios and Vimcar.
  • Artificial intelligence in fleet management software automates large parts of data processing, preparation and analysis.
  • Konfuzio is an AI add-on for fleet software that automates and optimizes processes in fleet operations, thereby reducing costs. Talk to one of our experts now about using AI for your fleet management system.
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What is fleet management software?

Fleet management software helps companies to manage their vehicles and drivers efficiently. It usually offers various useful functions to facilitate the planning, monitoring and optimization of fleet activities. These include vehicle tracking, maintenance management, route optimization, cost planning, fuel management and driver performance analysis. Companies that own a large number of vehicles and use them, for example, for Deliveries, logistics and driving services use fleet management software to optimize their operations and minimize costs.

How do Companies Benefit from Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management software enables companies to manage their vehicles more precisely, flexibly and cost-effectively, making their business operations more competitive. What exactly are the benefits?

Cost savings

By optimizing routes, monitoring fuel consumption and carrying out timely maintenance, companies reduce the operating costs of their fleets.

Example: A delivery company uses fleet manager software to plan the most efficient routes for its delivery vehicles. This leads to fewer kilometers driven, reduced fuel consumption and therefore considerable cost savings. 

Risk minimization

By monitoring driving behavior, companies reduce the risk of accidents and at the same time ensure that their drivers comply with the applicable traffic regulations.

Example: A transport company monitors the driving behavior of its drivers using fleet management software. In the event of unusual driving behaviour, such as excessive speed or abrupt braking, the company receives immediate notifications to minimize potential risks.

Efficiency increase

Fleet software enables better planning, coordination and management of vehicles, resulting in more efficient processes and deliveries.

Example: A company uses the comprehensive management functions of appropriate software to efficiently handle organizational tasks such as linking vehicles with drivers and tasks.

Improved vehicle maintenance

Timely maintenance and repair of vehicles through an appropriate program extends the life of the fleet and minimizes unplanned downtime.

Example: A fleet manager uses the software to create maintenance schedules for each vehicle component. Through regular maintenance, the company avoids expensive repairs and the individual vehicles remain in optimum condition.


Fleet management software helps companies to comply with legal regulations relating to vehicles and drivers. This helps them avoid fines and legal problems.

Example: A passenger transport company uses fleet management software to ensure that its drivers comply with the prescribed rest periods. This helps to avoid violations of working time regulations and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Improved customer service

Real-time vehicle tracking enables companies to provide customers with accurate delivery times and ensure improved communication.

Example: A parcel delivery service informs customers in real time about the exact location of their delivery. This increases customer satisfaction as customers can better plan when they will receive their shipment.

In-depth analysis and reporting

By analyzing data, companies gain important insights to continuously improve their fleet operations. Reporting functions help to monitor key performance indicators.

Example: A company analyzes data generated by a fleet management system to identify patterns in the driving behavior of its fleet. These findings lead to training for drivers to improve safety and reduce operating costs.

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Fleet Management Software - 7 leading Providers 

Companies can find dozens of providers of fleet management systems on the market that are suitable for different areas of focus. The following 7 providers have established software that has been used by companies for years:

Fleet management softwareRange of functionsCostsBenefitsDisadvantages
AvriosProvides a platform for all fleet tasks, automates processes and enables data-based decisionsFree basic version availableWide range of functions, free basic versionSpecific price information only on request, only for fleets of 20 vehicles or more
VimcarEnables tracking of vehicle locations, monitoring of vehicle costs and management of fuel cardsFrom 4.90 euros per vehicle per monthinexpensivePossibly not sufficient for larger fleets
FleetsterOffers functions such as digital vehicle files, claims management, management views and dashboardsBetween 0 and 200 euros per monthComprehensive functions, free basic versionRelatively expensive Enterprise version
CaranoOffers functions such as digital vehicle file, claims management, cost management and vehicle configuratorFrom 1.90 euros per vehicle per monthComprehensive functionsNo logbook, no GPS tracking and no route documentation
Fleetscape IPOffers functions such as digital vehicle file, claims management, cost management and vehicle configuratorOn request Comprehensive functionsPossibly not sufficient for larger fleets
FleetizeFeatures functions such as digital vehicle file, driver's license control and GPS trackingFrom 19.95 euros per monthCost-effective, fleet solution with time recordingPossibly not suitable for larger fleets
AzowoFunctions include process automation, reporting function and digital document management From 12 euros per vehicle per monthComprehensive functions including real-time reportsNo route documentation, no GPS tracking, no logbook
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Why AI is indispensable for Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software supports companies in bringing together, sorting, analyzing and managing information from different channels. However, the greater the complexity of the operation, the more extensive the information to be processed. Fleet providers collect countless data and figures on drivers, customers and traffic conditions.

In order to use these efficiently and error-free, companies not only need fleet management software, but also an artificial intelligence,, which automates and optimizes large parts of data processing, preparation and analysis.

How Konfuzio's AI is revolutionizing Fleet Management

Konfuzio is an AI platform for intelligent document automation that turns unstructured data into useful insights.

To this end, the AI combines pioneering technologies such as Machine Learning, natural language processing (NLP), optical character recognition (OCR) and Deep Learning,.

Integrated into fleet management software, Konfuzio enables companies to automatically sort, evaluate and manage all data collected in documents via the software - without manual intervention. In practice, this means that companies not only automate the extraction of relevant information, but also enable data-driven decision-making for their operations.

Fleet Management Software with Add-on Konfuzio - 5 Use Cases 

The following 5 use cases show just how powerful and versatile the Konfuzio AI is when used in conjunction with fleet management software:

1. Vehicle Management

Challenge: The management of vehicle information such as maintenance schedules and technical specifications, Vehicle registration documents, Vehicle identification numbers (VINs) and location data, requires precise and constant data maintenance.

Solution: Konfuzio automatically extracts relevant data from relevant documents. This automated data capture makes it easier to update vehicle information and ensures accurate vehicle management. Companies thus reduce the manual entry of relevant information.

2. Claims Management

Challenge: Companies are regularly confronted with claims for damage to their vehicles. The manual administration of accident reports, damage documentation and insurance claims is time-consuming and prone to errors.

Solution: Konfuzio simplifies this process by automating the processing of accident reports, photos and other documents. The AI recognizes via OCR and Computer Vision relevant information, such as the extent of damage, causes of accidents and parties involved. This enables fast and accurate claims management. Companies thus minimize manual effort and are able to process insurance claims more efficiently.

3. Contract Management

Challenge: The management of contracts related to the vehicle fleet, such as leasing agreements and service contracts, requires structured filing and close monitoring of deadlines.

Solution: Konfuzio enables automated extraction and organization of contract information from documents. This makes it easier to meet deadlines, minimizes breaches of contract and enables efficient contract management.

4. Driver Management

Challenge: The recording and maintenance of driver profiles, including license information, training records and personal data, requires careful monitoring and updating.

Solution: Konfuzio automates the identity check of drivers by validating ID cards. It also extracts all relevant data from all other documents such as contracts, driving licenses and training certificates and stores them in the desired categories. This means that the AI is able to categorize data and process it accordingly. This enables efficient driver management. In this way, companies ensure that all drivers have the necessary qualifications and comply with company guidelines.

5. Cost Management

Challenge: The effective management and monitoring of costs associated with the vehicle fleet requires precise data collection and analysis.

Solution: Konfuzio automatically captures and analyzes all cost information from invoices, receipts and other documents. The AI classifies and organizes the costs, which enables more accurate accounting. To do this, Konfuzio has powerful analysis functions based on machine learning. They provide valuable insights and well-founded decisions. In this way, companies can allocate their costs quickly and accurately, identify potential savings and prevent budget overruns.

Are you ready to automate large parts of the processes in your fleet management software and thus make processes more efficient and cost-effective?

Then let one of our experts advise you now on how you can use Konfuzio for your fleet management software.

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