Extraction of data with AI

Are you wondering whether your current data processing methods are still up to date? Or how best to use the data? With Konfuzio, you can turn data into decisions. Choose software that is characterized by powerful AI technologies and is significantly more efficient than traditional methods.

Data extraction not only increases the ability to react to market requirements, but also the operational efficiency of companies.

Konfuzio is not only designed to extract data. The intelligent software also understands and structures it, which leads to more precise and reliable results. This ensures that your company remains competitive in the future.

How does modern data extraction work?

The primary aim of data extraction is to quickly and accurately isolate valuable information from various document formats such as PDFs, images, emails or forms and prepare it for analysis or further processing.

This advanced form of data extraction enables AI to excel: it learns from every interaction, continuously improves its capabilities and increases the accuracy of the data.

Learning curve of the Konfuzio AI extraction

Learning curve of AI through continuous learning

Konfuzio uses advanced AI and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technologies to meet the challenges of modern data processing. To keep pace with the future, our software solution goes beyond traditional data extraction methods. Konfuzio uses machine learning and semantic understanding to not only collect data, but also to understand and organize it.

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