Document extraction

Konfuzio is the best solution for both simple and complex documents. We show with a simple pilot project how fast the AI learns.

1. Your project

Create your own pilot project for free to get an idea of our platform and our AI.

Documents are uploaded for processing with AI

2. Training data

Konfuzio achieves impressive results even with very little training data. For your pilot project only 5 documents of one type are needed for the artificial intelligence to learn.


3. Data structure

With Konfuzio you have full control over every step. You decide which information will be read out. In the pilot project we train the AI for gross amounts in receipts.


Add new label
Adding new annotation for training AI

4. AI training

See how intuitive the training process with our Smartview is. Mark your training data manually to teach the Artificial Intelligence what it has to do.


5. Stability

Fully automatic testing after each training of the AI. Use our automatic release cycle. Monitor the AI's capabilities continuously via your browser.


Learning curve of AI through continuous learning
Human-in-the-loop for AI feedback

6. Feedback

Our AI is ready to go and continues to learn. Let the AI read new documents immediately and give the AI feedback.


7. Export

Export your results as you need them! Download the readout data from your pilot project bundled as a CSV file or learn more about API integration here.


Selection of extracted data for CSV download

"They solved a problem we have been working on for decades"

Michael Ludwig, 1:1 Assekuranzservice AG