E-Post - automation of the incoming mail solution with AI

E-Post is a standardized and configurable incoming mail solution that more and more companies are turning to. Medium-sized companies in particular are enjoying hybrid mail delivery, which is not surprising: no one has to worry about printing, enveloping and franking anymore. This process is handled by the E-Post dispatch provider.

However, outsourcing of in-house mail processing centers increases the workload for service providers. The workload in scanning centers for digitizing mail documents is increasing, and document categorization costs a lot of time. The solution: automate processes related to e-post letters.

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E Mail - General Definition

Electronic mail, also known by its spelling "EPost" or "e-letter," enables letters, documents, and messages to be sent in digital form. Unlike conventional e-mail, the e-Post service provides a secure and confidential communication platform where users can send and receive their documents in a protected electronic format. Advanced encryption technologies are used to ensure the confidentiality of the information transmitted. The E-Post service includes secure safekeeping of physical items until the provider delivers them at a monthly frequency.

Distinction between e-Post and e-Postscan

Notice: For the sake of simplicity, we will continue to refer to e-Post as an umbrella term in the following.

E-Post Definitions

What is "E Mail"?

Strictly speaking, the term "e-post" is an electronic mail service provided by a well-known mail-order provider. With this service, users send, receive and manage digital letters. It is essentially a secure and legally valid e-mail service.

What is "E-Postscan"?

The "E-Postscan" service, on the other hand, refers to the option of receiving physical paper mail additionally in digital form. This service involves forwarding physical mail to a digitization station run by shipping providers. The mail is opened there, scanned and made available to customers in digital form.

How does the E-Post work?

  1. Step: Order E-Post Scan
  2. Step: Daily scanning of the daily mail in the scanning center
  3. Step: Read digitized mail online
  4. Step: Receive original shipments monthly

E-Post standard services

E-Post dispatch providers have made it their mission to provide a seamless and secure platform for electronic document exchange. These providers enable users to send digital documents, contracts, invoices and other forms of communication quickly and securely.

The standard services offered by providers in the area of e-Post include:

Feeding the consignments to the digitizing station: The service provider brings the physical shipments in different forms and variations to the scanning center to start the process of converting them into digital formats.

Sorting out and returning non-scannable shipments: Items that are not suitable for the scanning process for various reasons such as illegibility, personal nature or confidentiality are sorted out by the e-Post service provider and arranged to be returned to the sender unopened.

Sorting out according to blacklist standard criteria for specific areasSimilarly, as part of its service, the e-Post provider sorts out all items using predefined blacklist criteria that apply to specific areas. In this way, it ensures that no unwanted content or documents are digitized.

Process separation: Documents within a shipment are separated from each other to enable precise and accurate digitization of each individual unit.

Scan: Using state-of-the-art technology, the e-Post service provider scans the items to ensure high quality and accuracy of the digitized documents.

Preparing the data formats for transfer: The E-Post provider captures the data, converts the digitized documents into suitable data formats and then prepares them for exchange.

Data provision via e-mail or SFTP: The processed E-Post data and documents are made available by the dispatch provider either via e-mail or Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to ensure secure and efficient access to the digital content.

Regular reportingAt the end of the day, the customer receives a report if a shipment has been received. The same applies to the monthly report, which contains additional information about the quantities and price items of the digitized shipments of the billing month.

Advantages and disadvantages of e-Post

E-Post offers a number of advantages that make it an attractive alternative to traditional physical mail. However, the switch to electronic inbox is also associated with challenges:

Advantages of E-PostNoctHoLDs oF e-Post
Environmentally friendly: reduced paper consumption.Security concerns: Electronic data is more vulnerable to cyberattacks.
Fast delivery: Immediate shipping.Dependence on technology: Interference may affect access.
Cost savings: lower postage costs.Limited accessibility: Not everyone has access to the necessary technology. This must first be applied for and set up.
Space saving: No physical storage required.Legal recognition: Legal binding of electronic documents may be lacking.
Search function: Easy retrieval of e-mails.Change of habit: There are people who prefer physical documents from old customs.
Flexibility: Access from anywhere.Limited reliability: e-mails could end up in the spam filter.
Fast exchange of documents with access authorization: Security through release workflows.Technical hurdles: Not everyone is familiar with how to use email.

E Mail prices

Private customers

The e-Post service offers individuals a low-cost alternative to physical mail, depending on the volume of mail. A well-known provider offers the service (Postscan) as a subscription. In the first month of use, you enjoy the benefits of E-Post for €14.99 (incl. set-up price). From the second month of use, the subscription is also available for €14.99 per month (as of 07/2023).

This subscription includes ongoing delivery of your scanned letter mail items, privacy-compliant storage, and delivery of the originals to a branch office.

For more information on the new postal scan for private individuals, please contact here.

Key accounts

Depending on the area of application, mail volume and rate, prices for business purposes vary widely. The standard rate from the same provider (see Private customers) starts at 71 cents per standard letter in black and white without a monthly flat-rate line and service charge. Compared with the 250+ rate, prices remain the same plus a monthly flat rate of €14.95 (as of 07/2023).

Upgrades and additions are possible and include, for example, international shipping, an increase in the number of shipments, and much more. Detailed price scales with corresponding service descriptions for major customers can be found at here.

Combine E-Post services with Konfuzio and automate processes

How exactly a process optimization with Konfuzio can look like is illustrated by the following application examples:

E-Post automation of incoming mail solution with AI use cases

Automated document splitting

One often overlooked, but quite challenging, concern regarding document automation is document splitting. Splitting automatically divides a batch of documents into individual meaningful documents and assigns them to the respective document categories. In the conventional scanning processes of e-Post providers, this step is often still performed manually.

The goal of this process optimization is therefore to scan the entire shipments without manual intervention and to split them automatically using an intelligent algorithm. This is where the artificial intelligence (AI) from Konfuzio comes into play.

How does the automated structuring of E-Post documents work?

In essence, advanced technology is modeled on a human's approach: Each page of the e-mail is gone through to determine the Classification and whether it is related to the previous page - or whether a new category is applicable. If necessary, a check of the page numbers is performed, if an indication is available. In AI-supported classification methods, this process is integrated by a sequence of algorithms, which results in the process of splitting documents being completely automated.

Advantages of automated document splitting

Time saving: Automation eliminates the need for manual splitting during scanning operations. Employees can focus their attention on other important tasks while the AI software automatically takes care of capturing and classifying the e-mail.

Scalability: Automated document splitting allows the e-Post provider to keep up with a growing volume of orders without adding additional human or machine resources.

From order entry to dunning through automated workflows

By using Konfuzio, it is possible to automate and make efficient all the processes for the control of e-Post arrivals and the processing of documents using AI-powered solutions. Konfuzio provides a platform that allows the data in the digitized items to be automatically analyzed and extracted.

How can the efficiency of these workflows increase?

Capture and import: Digitized shipment documents are uploaded from the E-Post account into the system, either manually or via integration with other systems or interfaces.

Automatic classification: Konfuzio's AI algorithms analyze incoming documents and automatically classify them into different categories, such as invoices, contracts, reminders or order confirmations. The procedure is similar to automated document splitting and includes Machine learning (ML).

Data extraction: Konfuzio's AI models detect relevant information in documents, such as invoice numbers, amounts or contract clauses, without manual intervention. This data is automatically extracted, structured and finally stored in a validated manner.

Automated further processing: The extracted and validated data is automatically integrated into other systems or workflows, e.g. for further distribution to other departments, without having to purchase additional archiving software. Konfuzio's software integrates easily with existing programs. Find out exactly how Konfuzio's AI works here.

Monitoring and reporting: Konfuzio enables monitoring of the workflow to identify bottlenecks, missed deadlines or deviations. Once the order has been captured and assigned to the appropriate department, the AI software supports the rest of the process, for example through automated notifications or order status updates. Complementing e-Post reporting, the AI-powered technology offers a more comprehensive reporting function that provides insights into the automated workflows.

Advantages of automated workflows

Error reductionThe AI software operates accurately and bypasses potential human errors that can occur during manual steps. This significantly helps to reduce the error rate and thus increase the quality of the workflows.

Gaining knowledge: The collected information and automatically generated reports help to create analyses, giving you reliable insights into the ACTUAL state of the company.

Konfuzio also enables your company to quickly and efficiently optimize workflow around E-Post processes through automated order entry.

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Private and business communication has changed in the course of advancing digitalization. E-mails and instant messaging are shaping the exchange of information and also impacting traditional services such as postal delivery. E-Post has established itself as an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional physical mail. The e-mail services offered by shipping providers not only provide efficiency, but also help reduce environmental impact.

Save time, resources and funds by switching to e-post and automated processes change

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