Classification and keywording with AI

Use AI-supported classification and indexing of your documents and achieve highly accurate results. Konfuzio brings your document management up to date. With an accuracy of up to 99 %, our system automates the recognition, classification and categorization of documents, enabling efficient digital filing and archiving.


Refers to the categorization of documents into predefined categories or classes. For example:

  • Invoices
  • Contracts
  • Reports


Refers to the assignment of keywords or tags to documents to describe their content and facilitate searching. For example:

  • Customer
  • Receipt date
  • Invoice number

Your advantages

This advanced form of document processing enables AI to excel: it learns from every interaction, continuously improves its capabilities and increases the accuracy of the data. This leads to a continuous improvement of your document handling processes without the need for additional training.

How does AI classification work?

Konfuzio's AI classification integrates a sequence of algorithms that are trained on a sample that is already correctly separated. The system learns for each page whether it is a first, middle, last or single page. You as the user do not have to explicitly specify this information; the Konfuzio AI automatically extracts and uses this information from the training samples and hides this complexity for the user.

Document structuring should work just like a human would.

Our credo

User-friendly training interface

Konfuzio's training interface only requires that the individual documents are dropped into the training record. It is not necessary to specify an exact number of pages for each document type, as the system automatically takes into account that these may vary. If desired, you can set page limits for specific document types, such as single-page forms. Konfuzio learns the structure of these documents independently and applies it to the entire batch of unseparated individual pages during runtime.

Efficient document classification

Konfuzio achieves impressive results with just a small amount of training data. Only a few sample documents per category are required for a high-quality classification of documents using dark processing. This enables fast and efficient implementation of our solution in your document management system.

Adaptation to your input management

Customize the classification to your specific needs by naming the types of documents you want the AI to learn to distinguish. No manual rule definition is required, as the AI learns independently from the examples provided and develops a method for classifying or tagging new documents.

Fully automated testing and continuous monitoring

Konfuzio's AI is tested fully automatically after each training session. Use our automatic release cycle and continuously monitor the AI's capabilities online via your browser. This ensures that the classification always remains precise and up-to-date.

Flexible export options

Export your results in the format you need. Download the bundled data as a CSV file for your document management in Excel or use our web-based interface (API) to integrate the data into your existing systems, such as SAP. This allows you to optimize your knowledge management and ensure seamless integration into your work processes.

Maximum efficiency in document processing with minimum effort.