Document classification for automatic indexing, filing and archiving.

Document AI Konfuzio takes your document management to the next level by classifying documents fully automatically with an average accuracy of 99 %.

1. Your project

Register for free and create your own project to test how you can automate your own back office activities, document management and indexing online.

Upload documents for AI processing

2. Training data

Konfuzio achieves impressive results even with small training data sets. For a high-quality classification of documents for the use of dark processing, you only need 50 documents per category.


3. Data structure

Customized to your input management, you name the types of documents you want the AI to learn to distinguish. We use receipts and vouchers as an example to show how the AI learns to classify them according to the service provider's industry.


Accident insurance sample
Document classification of different categories

4. Training

To train the AI, no rules or other manual tools are needed. The AI learns from the examples to find a method for classifying or tagging new documents.


5. Stability

Fully automated testing after each training of the AI. Take advantage of our automatic release cycle. Monitor the AI's capabilities continuously online via your browser.


Learning curve of AI through continuous learning
Export as CSV file after OCR processing

6. Export

Export your results as you need them! Download the bundled data as a CSV file for your document management with Excel or use our API to integrate it into your existing systems (e.g. from SAP) and optimize your knowledge management.


"They solved a problem we have been working on for decades"

Michael Ludwig, 1:1 Assekuranzservice AG