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The Document Validation UI is a custom web user interface module that allows users to continuously improve AI through manual validations.
Intelligent Document Processing Interface
Downloaded file
Simple integration
Audit Trail
Individual CI
compatible with any RPA solution
Intuitive user guidance

Configurable for any industry and any process; whether invoices, insurance policies, vehicle registration documents

Automate your business processes even more easily

The Document Validation UI provides an integrated feedback function to increase the straight-through-processing of your documents and relieves Your users Piece by piece. In the process, you adapt the Document Validation UI according to your requirements or those of your customers.

Without Document Validation UI

No human interaction

You don't want people interfering with the processing of the documents.

Defined scope of AI tasks

You want to define the logic of the processing once and not adjust it further afterwards.

Using functionality through IT interfaces

Functionalities of Konfuzio are to be used only by technical users, such as RPA robots.

With Document Validation UI

Selective follow-up

You want to give users the ability to view documents and make manual corrections selectively.

Continuous learning through the use

They expect that documents will change and want to learn from manual corrections.

Comprehensive toolset for all users

Your users should also have access to helpful everyday features: Separate, sort or rotate pages.

Regardless of your choice, both options offer all the benefits of Konfuzio

In addition to uploading via the web interface or REST API, documents can be automatically processed from emails from Konfuzio. Furthermore, integration via RPA Robot or Power Automate is easily possible.

Konfuzio automatically extracts all desired information from your personal documents. This saves you from tedious typing. Thanks to AI, you'll get the results in real time and you'll be able to process your work with much less time.

You have different document types from which Konfuzio should extract desired information for you? Using Konfuzio's internal categorization AI, these can be extracted separately from each other automatically.

Create and use the Document AI without programming knowledge. Thanks to Konfuzio's hybrid AI technology, you streamline your data collection individually.

Documentation Validation UI Features

Cleverly interlocked IDP solutions continuously improve your individual process portfolio

Document Validation UI is a powerful tool for validating and correcting documents after automatic categorization and Extraction by Konfuzio. The user interface offers you the possibility to use all validations and corrections in such a way to constantly improve the AI.

You will not find a more flexible data model

Fully customizable

Configure the fields without programming. The Document Validation UI facilitates users' work from day one, while being configurable in minutes.

Data Extraction Validation and AI Feedback

More quality through higher control

The structured preparation helps your process landscape and enables the AI to learn continuously and thus relieve your users bit by bit.

Automatic categorization of documents

Define your own categories and document types

Keyword or categorize documents to automatically assign them to the right workflows and processes.

Document splitting

Automatic separation, splitting and rotation of document batches

Especially with digital files and extensive scans, you can separate a wide variety of documents into one file.The separated documents can be easily assigned the associated categories in a next step and the resulting new files can be named.

Continuous improvement of the AI

Improve your processes constantly

Human feedback generates new data points from which NLP and computer vision algorithms can continuously learn to automate even new or processes in flux.

Document automation

IDP software for intelligent wokflows of digital solutions

As a multilingual and cross-industry IDP software, Konfuzio serves our partners as a module for even smarter document processing.

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"With the technology, we have reduced manual labor and processing time per transaction or customer and sales wait time by 75%. "
Dr. Patrick Afflerbach
Management Board, 1:1 Assekuranzservice AG

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