Simple integration of new AI with document validation

The Document Validation UI is a module for individual web user interfaces that allows users to continuously improve AI through manual validations. It simplifies the integration of the latest AI algorithms into your software and processes - for every industry and every process.

Documentation Validation UI Features

The Document Validation UI is a powerful tool for validating and correcting documents after automatic categorization and extraction by Konfuzio. The user interface offers you the possibility to use all validations and corrections to continuously improve the AI. This enables you to continuously improve your individual process portfolio.

Fully customizable

Configure the fields without programming. The Document Validation UI facilitates users' work from day one, while being configurable in minutes.

Data Extraction Validation and AI Feedback

More quality through greater control. Structured preparation helps your process landscape and enables the AI to learn continuously and thus relieve your users bit by bit.

Automatic categorization of documents

Tag or categorize documents to automatically assign them to the right workflows and processes. Define your own categories and document types.

Document splitting

Konfuzio enables the automatic separation, splitting and rotation of document batches. In the next step, you can easily assign the corresponding categories to the split documents and name the resulting new files.

Continuous improvement of the AI

Human feedback generates new data points from which NLP and computer vision algorithms can continuously learn to automate even new or processes in flux.

Intelligent Document Processing Interface

Automate your business processes even more easily

The Document Validation UI provides an integrated feedback function to increase the straight-through processing of your documents and relieve your users step by step. You can adapt the Document Validation UI according to your requirements or those of your customers. Konfuzio can implement the following requirements with the highest quality.

Comprehensive toolset

You want your users to have comprehensive access to helpful everyday features: Separate, sort or rotate pages. With user and authorization management, you can set roles and access to features individually for your team

Continuous learning

You expect documents to change and want to learn from manual corrections. Konfuzio's Documentation Validation UI enables flexible and individual adaptation to different documents through progressive learning.

Flexible document input

You want to upload documents from different sources. In addition to uploading via the web interface or the REST API, documents can be processed automatically from Konfuzio emails. Integration via RPA robots or Power Automate is also easily possible.

Intelligent document selection

You want to automatically extract all the information you need from your personal documents. This saves tedious typing. Thanks to AI, you receive the results in real time and can process your work in much less time.

Reliable categorization

You have different document types from which Konfuzio should extract the desired information for you. Konfuzio's internal categorization AI can be used to automatically extract these separately.

Selective follow-up

You want to offer users the opportunity to view documents and make manual corrections selectively. Konfuzio's intuitive interface makes this easy for your employees.