Document AI for your company

Document AI "Made in Germany". Konfuzio offers tools for the development of AI-based software for automated document processing.

Google Document AI Alternative

Simple and secure in the cloud or for installation on your own servers. With data protection within the EU and reliable text recognition in more than 70 languages. Konfuzio is the perfect alternative to Google and co. Professional technologies for sophisticated and individual applications for quality without compromise.

Configurable AI enables the automation of documents in any company.

There are many ways in which document AI can be used profitably across all industries. Annotating documents is a key step in training machines with deep computer vision and natural language processing.

Our software accelerates your AI development and the operation of this AI without imposing technical limits:

  • Invoices & receipts
  • payment advices
  • Energy certificates
  • Insurance policies
  • Vehicle documents
  • Salary statements

and numerous other document types.

Confucius works in 70+ languages.


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Your advantages

In addition to training for AI algorithms, the optimization and automation of business processes is a core capability of document AI. Companies use this technology to conserve employee resources and automate repetitive tasks. This results in a wide range of benefits that can put you one step ahead of the competition.

Definition of Document AI

Document AI can be defined as a combination of intelligent character recognition (ICR) that uses learning algorithms for generalizable character and word recognition, document layout understanding, and natural language processing (NLP) to rapidly automate highly accurate documents.

This allows organizations to move beyond OCR-based template methods and RPA-based storage efforts that are not scalable as the variety and volume of documents change.

Organizations can focus on delivering faster value to primary users and secondary consumers by focusing on application development and faster integrations using highly accurate extracted information and knowledge (as opposed to updating rules, re-automating template management and moving documents).

What is Document AI?

Document AI is a technology that digitizes and automates the classification, capture and validation of documents. In this way, all relevant information from documents and records is automatically read and transferred into structured data. In this way, Document AI helps to annotate high-quality AI datasets, optimize processes and train machines with Deep Computer Vision and Natural Language AI - the basis of Deep Learning.

Where does Document AI find application?

In this way, they can contribute to the automation and optimization of entire workflows and ensure continuous improvement of AI and the algorithms used. Since understanding business documents is a challenging task due to the variety of layouts and formats, the inferior quality of scanned document images, and the complexity of template structures, it is recommended to work with an experienced and competent partner here.

Annotate complex documents via web browser

Annotating documents

The AI learns from around seven annotated documents. Our experienced experts will show you how to create annotations correctly and quickly teach the AI the activity you need for your company with just a few document examples.

Annotating documents is also defined as teaching the AI.

Link document AI(s) with existing systems

Benefit from Konfuzio's scalable infrastructure and web-based interface (Rest API) - in the cloud or self-hosted - to implement your project effectively. Scale your document AI(s) for multiple API endpoints and use the highly secure separation of data by user, group and project.

  • Bounding boxes of letters, lines and more
  • Bounding box & character offset of the annotation
  • Features enrichment by converting a character offset from NLP into a bounding box
  • Applying new annotations via API
  • Feedback API for Human in the Loop
  • Versioned annotation incl. creator, controller & much more.
  • Upload of new documents & management of originals
  • OCR text incl. HOCR
  • Projects, labels & template metadata
  • Automatic duplicate check for training and test data
  • Generate thumbnails per page
OCR API for intelligent text recognition

Process optimization with Document AI

Konfuzio is a solution that provides professional document processing from the cloud or self-hosted as well as high-quality information retrieval.

Our solution implements fast and reliable retrieval, categorization and processing in different languages and thus enables the optimization of data and document-related processes.

The software can be used via a web browser and processes PDF, TIF, PNG, JPG and GIF formats. Not only can complex processes be optimized, but the algorithms of machines can also be trained with deep computer vision and natural language AI. The powerful solution for machine learning can be implemented in the cloud and on-premises.

Easy process integration of AI

With Konfuzio's Document AI, the data from the scanned documents is easily available within seconds and can be further processed in your own target system. In addition, further individual data processing rules can be implemented to suit the requirements of different companies.

How Document AI works in just a few steps:

  1. Reading and digitization of the text on the documents by a photo or scan
  2. Uploading photos and scans via the API (interface)
  3. Automatic capture and extraction of the information
  4. Automatic and intelligent filing and further processing of data

Program your own documents AI

Konfuzio is a data-centric document AI tool for creating intelligent document workflows.

It offers data engineers a development environment in Python (Python SDK) to customize the AI source code, develop completely custom models and control document workflows with AI.

  • Python API Wrapper
  • Change tokenizer
  • Customize OCR Pipeline
  • Define classification of texts yourself
  • Define Entity Recognition yourself
  • Define semantic parsing yourself
  • Manage data via Python

Document AI with EU data protection

A particular advantage of Konfuzio compared to the international solutions of Google and Co. is that the company operates from Germany and all data always remain within the European legal area. All data is therefore protected in accordance with DGSVO. In addition, support is provided in German and also always within the EU. This is often not the case with solutions from Google and others, and the servers of the corresponding cloud are stationed outside the EU.