Doc Chat: How to chat securely and directly with your documents

Imagine being able to securely and quickly chat with documents without having to open another Google tab in your browser or an extra tool. The Doc Chat feature combined with Konfuzio's API and AI is a visionary approach to the Interaction with your data and revolutionizes the way you process and use information in the future.

Chatting with documents is an innovation that blurs the boundaries between the digital and real worlds.

In a world of data, documents held by a company can easily be converted into value. This results from the knowledge and insights gained from the company's internal files.

From the perspective of knowledge acquisition, there are two main categories of documents: docs that are predominantly numerical data and docs that primarily contain narrative. Both types hold immense potential for decision-making in companies.

Numerical documents - Calculation

For numeric documents such as Invoices, Receipts, Forms and many more, it makes sense to explicitly define and extract the data and then query it simply and precisely. An example: the total expenditure of the marketing department in April.

Process description for numeric documents

  1. Upload file - Users upload numerical content such as invoices, receipts and pdf forms to the system. Whether these are PDFs or other formats is not primarily relevant.
  2. Data categorization and organization - The extracted content is categorized and divided into relevant groups, e.g. expenditure by department, sales figures or budget allocations.
  3. Data extraction - The system automatically scans these files and extracts numerical key data such as amounts, dates and identifiers.
  4. Data analysis - The tool analyses this organized data in the system to gain insights. For example, the total expenditure of a department can be calculated, sales figures can be compared over several quarters or budget usage can be tracked over time.
  5. Feedback loop - Users can provide feedback on the relevance and accuracy of the data provided, which the system uses to improve future searches. Additional tools are unnecessary in the context of this process description.

Rationalized in companies artificial intelligence, (AI) significantly simplifies the management of transaction files such as invoices, orders and sales documents. The most important automation functions include the extraction and processing of data from these text files. AI Algorithms quickly identify and digitize relevant details such as amounts and supplier information, reducing manual data entry and the likelihood of errors.

This automation also extends to order fulfillment, where AI systems can match purchase orders with invoices and packing slips to ensure accuracy and compliance. In addition, AI tools support the tracking and analysis of these transaction details in real time, providing valuable insights into cash flow, supplier performance and customer purchasing trends. Through the Automation In addition to increasing operational efficiency, AI also supports strategic financial planning and analysis in these aspects of transactional document management.

Narrative documents - Doc Chat

However, for narrative docs that contain a lot of loosely structured text, it makes sense to use a single Interface for accessing information from all files. This is colloquially referred to as "File Chat", "Document Chat" or "Chat with you Document". And rightly so, because: The user experience when executing sophisticated queries is as simple and intuitive as interacting with a conversational agent. 

Wouldn't it be a huge increase in efficiency if you and your colleagues no longer had to spend time searching for a file and then looking for specific content in the entire document? There are many problems like this in everyday business life, but you can solve them by chatting with your documents: Completely without the use of tools like ChatGPT or TextCortex.

Description of the Doc Chat function with Konfuzio

The following example illustrates the integration of Konfuzio's document chat function step by step:

  1. Upload file - Users upload their narrative documents such as pdf reports, e-mails, articles, etc. to the system.
  2. data processing - The system processes the uploaded docs using advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques to understand and index the content.
  3. User query - Users interact with the system and receive answers via a chat interface that is located directly in their usual productivity software - PowerPoint, Word, etc. - as a plug-in. Users can ask and receive questions or information about the content of the documents.
  4. Intelligent retrieval - The system interprets the user's query, searches the indexed content and retrieves relevant information.
  5. Generation of responses - Konfuzio's file chat tool presents the retrieved information in an easy-to-understand format and provides precise answers, similar to live, real-time chat bot communication.
  6. Feedback loop - Users have the opportunity to provide feedback on the relevance and accuracy of the information provided, which the system uses to improve future searches.

Application area - Content search with the Doc Chat

The more files you make available to your intelligent companion - the "document chat" - the more helpful its answers will be. You can share files different formats including archive files, emails, PDFs, and many more. Once you're ready, you can write a message to the AI-powered Doc Chat tool while chatting and search your collection of files for any content they contain.

Sooner or later, the file base will probably become too large to know what is in it. If this is the case, you can also search the files for content that is not there by chatting with documents. The AI will then tell you that this information is beyond its reach.

Beyond numbers - Visual data integration in Doc Chat

Narrative documents often contain images and symbols that make it even easier to convey the information. If they are helpful within the file, they certainly have a fixed place and an assigned role wherever the document is referenced, for example in

  • Presentations,
  • Contributions,
  • new files,
  • Contracts,
  • PDFs,

and others.

Due to their undeniable advantages, a chat with your documents is not complete without the ability to find valuable images, icons and numbers in the same intuitive way.

Advantages of the implemented AI chat

Automating key narrative processes with AI tools has positive user effects. This includes communicating with your documents:

Flexibility and security 

  • Experience the flexibility of a cloud solution or
  • Benefit from the security of an on-premises implementation

Technological synergy

  • Konfuzio combines low-code and pro-code
  • Use of adaptive AI for advanced solutions
  • Use of an advanced multicloud infrastructure

Data control and insights

  • Superior data control compared to other providers
  • Gain unique insights that others miss

User-friendliness through document chat

  • Direct implementation of the file chat function in the file
  • High security factor: Internal AI guarantees more security than external AI tools such as ChatGPT

These AI-controlled automations not only streamline complex tasks, but also ensure that Consistency and accuracy when dealing with narrative data.

Data ownership and security with Konfuzio

Being intuitive and useful is only one side of the coin. The other side is that the data is secure. Instead of sending it to a Large Language Model (LLM) that is hosted by a third-party provider, Konfuzio offers you a Self-hosted solution Made in Germany too.

In this way, you remain the owner of your docs and prevent the loss of information.

Doc Chat conclusion - secure chatting with documents is possible

Konfuzio's innovative AI tool revolutionizes document management by enabling direct interactions with docs such as PDF files and numerous other file formats. Without the need for additional search engines such as Google or external tools. Users can efficiently process and analyze both numerical and narrative documents.

The AI-driven platform offers powerful data extraction, precise analyses and an intuitive chat interface. This increases efficiency in the handling of company documents. Konfuzio combines ease of use, data security and control, while the self-hosted solution ensures enhanced data protection for chatting with your document.

Do you need help? Or would you like to find out more about the document chat with Konfuzio and what you can achieve with AI tools in your company?

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