Individual solutions with Custom Solutions

At Konfuzio, we understand that every company has unique requirements and challenges. That's why we offer our Custom Solutions to. Customized, AI-supported document processing solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of your company.

Konfuzio Custom Solutions are aimed in particular at companies that have particularly complex and extensive document processing procedures.

Regardless of your industry,be it

  • Finance
  • Public health
  • Insurance
  • Legal sector
  • Education
  • Transport and logistics
  • Public Sector

or any other industry. We offer you a individual solution,that increases your efficiency and optimizes your business processes.

Learning curve of AI through continuous learning
Learning curve of our AI through continuous learning

"They solved a problem we have been working on for decades"

Michael Ludwig, 1:1 Assekuranzservice AG

Your advantages

With our support, you can navigate safely through the implementation phases and ensure that your individual requirements are met. This ensures that your document processing solutions always meet the current and future requirements of your company.

Further product information

Our custom solutions are as diverse as the industries we serve - our tailor-made solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements and challenges of each industry. Get a deeper insight into our solutions and see the added value for your business.

  • Automate inbox google gmail messages and emails

    Automate your inbox: It all comes down to these skills


    Digitalization is often only the first step towards efficient business processes. Just because a process is digital does not necessarily mean that it requires little manual effort. Electronic inboxes are a typical example: Compared to letter post, emails do offer many advantages, however, the personnel processing of information and attachments contained...

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  • Email Classification

    Master your digital inbox with Email Classification from Konfuzio


    Fast processing of requests and round-the-clock support. This is what customers expect nowadays and what makes a good service. As a result, it is essential for companies to quickly understand their customers' intentions and respond accordingly in order to remain competitive in a market characterized by digital transformation. Although a...

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  • Customer Insights

    Customer Insights: Data-driven marketing with Konfuzio


    Do you agree that dynamic market conditions and consumer expectations are changing rapidly? In this overall development, a deep understanding of your customer base through customer insights is the basis of your company's success. Konfuzio's Customer Insight Tool enables companies to go beyond this basis to not only understand the current needs of their customers, but also to...

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  • API integration

    API integration with Konfuzio: the future of digitalization


    For companies, digital transformation is more than just a buzzword. It is essential for success, a fundamental necessity for competitiveness; with the use of APIs (application interfaces) as a key element. This blog post dives deep into the subject of API integration and explains its central function. Find out what types exist, what API integration means...

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  • Document Process Services

    Optimize processes with Document Process Services from Konfuzio


    Manage your documents and company workflows efficiently with Document Process Services from Konfuzio. From creation to deletion, our solutions ensure secure and data protection-compliant document management in your company. What are Document Process Services? Document Process Services are technical services that focus on the automated processing of documents. These services include the...

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  • EDI converter

    Efficient data management with the Konfuzio EDI converter


    Traditional methods of document exchange are increasingly giving way to new, electronic processes. In the digital economy, the efficient transfer of data between business partners is therefore crucial in order to be able to operate competitively. The Konfuzio EDI Converter, an advanced software solution, serves as a central bridge for the exchange of EDI messages by connecting different systems. EDI simply explained Traditional methods...

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