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SaaS Hosting

Provisioning priceUsers0,00 Euro
Monthly subscription according to load peak*100 pages / hour200,00 Euro

For the calculation of the load peak, the power consumption is determined in the amount of pages in an averaging interval 60 minutes. With full utilization of the load peak of 100 pages / hour, you can process 72,000 pages (30 days * 24 hours * 100 pages / hour) in a month with 30 days.

This means that you will incur costs of 0.002778 Euro per page at full capacity.

They estimate that 120,000 documents are received annually throughout the workday and workweek and that during working hours must be sent to Konfuzio. In addition, you know that a document is about 8 pages long. At 160 working hours per month and twelve months, approximately 62.5 documents are received per hour. You thus process approx. 500 pages per hour. You need a load peak of 500 pages per hour and thus pay for monthly 1.000 Euro.

What happens if I exceed the load peak?
To ensure smooth operation, we process your documents even if your load peak is exceeded. If you exceed the load peak, we will inform you by email about your deviation from the contract and increase the load peak of your subscription accordingly in the following month.

Why is peak load the basis of SaaS pricing?
The answer is simple. If you let us know the expected number of pages before you start using them, we can plan server capacity for processing them early on. If you can plan for the long term, we save costs and are happy to pass those savings on to you.


Order SaaS access now


    To support your setup phase or trial phase of Konfuzio, the first month free of charge. In the first month after the beginning of the contract you have the possibility to test the software extensively and you can cancel the contract during this time by sending an email to [email protected] Only from the second month the use of Konfuzio is chargeable for you.

    On-Premises / Private Cloud

    Operation On-Siteper 100.000 pages6.000,00 Euro

    All details about renting and system requirements for running the software can be found in our Software lease. The number of licensed pages is valid for one year. Unused pages expire and cannot be carried over to the next annual period.

    Please contact us via the contact form at the bottom of this page to arrange an individual Offer or to request a quantity discount.


    DevOps Key Account (for on-premises & private cloud)
    An MLOps & DevOps expert (f/m/d) is available via email, phone and screensharing to configure the installation on-premises or in your private cloud in the best possible way, constantly optimize it and operate it stably in the long term.
    per month960,00 Euro
    AI Key Account (for SaaS, on-premises and private cloud)
    A Senior Data Scientist (f/m/d) is available via email, phone, and screen sharing to best configure your Konfuzio classification and extraction AI models, define guidelines for human annotators, and thus train them for long-term stability.
    per month660,00 Euro
    Human Annotator
    A Human Annotator (m/f/d) trained by us is available via e-mail to correct documents according to your guidelines. A human annotator can make about 1,000 corrections per month. Assume you extract 10 fields per document with an average accuracy of 90 %. The Human Annotator will therefore be able to check about 1,000 documents per month for you and thus make 1,000 corrections (1,000 documents * 10% errors * 10 fields) for you.
    per month720,00 Euro
    Variable support
    Use our support variably without a minimum purchase: In this case, we charge the prices per hour regardless of the requested activity.
    per hour100,00 Euro

    The GTC for Services. Please contact us via the contact form at the bottom of this page to receive a custom quote.

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