Konfuzio and cross-works set standards in cloud DMS

A more than well-rounded solution: artificial intelligence (AI), seamlessly integrated into a cloud-based DMS offering such as the Swiss Content Cloud from cross-works. No unnecessary frills, but genuine innovation. Document management system (DMS) in a new way. This is the reason that brought Konfuzio and cross-works together as partners.

Many people can store documents and an integrated full-text search is simply state of the art. Our demands on a DMS must go far beyond this.

Helmut Sproll, Managing Director, cross-works

Presentation cross-works

Since 2003, cross-works, headquartered in Winterthur (Switzerland), has steadily expanded its expertise. The main focus is on the areas of business collaboration and enterprise content management. Within its range of services, cross-works has specialized in document management, e-archiving and social collaboration.

Typical for cross-works is the Swiss Content CloudA cloud-based DMS offering with data storage in Switzerland. With the Swiss Content Cloud, cross-works consistently focuses on the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and understands their requirements precisely. As a long-standing IBM Premier Business Partner and one of the first business partners of HCL Software, cross-works has both the Partnerships as well as the experience to offer customers first-class solutions.

The full-service competence is characterized by comprehensive project management, development, operation and licensing from a single source. At cross-works, customers not only receive products and services, but also holistic support for their company. Passion in 'daily business' is reflected in high-quality service.

Passion makes the difference! That is our credo, and it is the basis for our high-quality service.


The partnership between cross-works and Konfuzio

"We were looking for a DACH-based service that we could easily integrate into our cloud DMS offering. Not least for cost reasons, we deliberately wanted to use a service at the beginning, but have the option of operating the service on our own container platform at a later date," says Helmut Sproll, Managing Director, cross-works.

Konfuzio is the perfect complement to cross-works, as Konfuzio offers precisely this service and is open to feedback and recommendations within the partnership. Additional requirements were and are accepted and integrated into the existing range of services within a very short time. This has created a synergy that extends the benefits for both partners and their customers.

Goals and intentions

Cross-works offers the service from Switzerland - a country that is not known for being particularly cheap.

To convince our customers, we have to be better than others and, above all, offer a very high quality of service.

Helmut Sproll, Managing Director, cross-works

Konfuzio is not a Swiss company, but pursues an almost identical claim:

  • Delivering quality
  • Be fast
  • respond to customer wishes

This is 'made in Germany' and fits in perfectly with the 'Swiss values' of cross-works.


The unique selling proposition (USP) for a partnership between Konfuzio and cross-works essentially lies in the synergy of the two companies' capabilities and the offer of a comprehensive solution that combines advanced Document processing with seamless workflow management combined.

The OCR technology and the Document extraction functions of Konfuzio increase efficiency in the processing and interpretation of different documents. In turn, cross-works' workflow management knowledge provides a robust platform for integrating Konfuzio's findings into an optimized, operational context.

Together, they represent a powerful solution that not only automates document processing, but also optimizes business processes in a broader sense and offers customers an integrated, efficient and intelligent end-to-end solution.

Advantages of the partnership between cross-works and Konfuzio

The partnership results in numerous advantages from which customers in particular benefit. The most important of these are

  • Seamless integration of document processing: The partnership between Konfuzio and cross-works offers a unique proposition through the seamless integration of advanced document processing capabilities. By utilizing Konfuzio's state-of-the-art OCR technology, cross-works can enhance its document management system and provide its customers with more efficient and accurate data extraction from a variety of documents.
  • Improved data insight and analysisWorking with Konfuzio offers customers a clear advantage in terms of improved data insights and analysis. Konfuzio's capabilities enable cross-works to extract valuable information from documents and make more informed decisions. This leads to improved efficiency and productivity for clients who rely on data-driven insights.
  • Extended service offerings for customersThe partnership gives cross-works the opportunity to expand its service offering by adding Konfuzio's intelligent document processing to its portfolio. This not only adds value to existing services, but also positions the partnership as a comprehensive solution provider for organizations requiring advanced document management and data extraction capabilities.

Upcoming projects and outlook

Konfuzio and cross-works are constantly working on joint customer projects. In order to realize a steeper learning curve for customers, cross-works is examining the development of joint AI models for certain document types. One example: invoices. The basic contents of an invoice are independent of the product or service. Every invoice contains certain standardized elements that are essential for its validity. These include, among others:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice sender
  • Invoice recipient
  • Invoice date

Whether it is the purchase of computer hardware, software or car tires, these elements remain constant.


The collaboration between cross-works and Konfuzio is a successful combination of innovation and service quality. Cross-works emphasizes its long-standing expertise in business collaboration and enterprise content management, in particular through the Swiss Content Cloud. The partnership with Konfuzio enables a seamless integration of AI into the cloud DMS offering, emphasizes the synergy between the two companies and underlines shared values such as quality, speed and customer focus.

Cross-works emphasizes the targeted selection of a DACH-based partner that can be flexibly integrated into their cloud offering. Future projects, including the development of joint AI models, promise optimized service quality and a steeper learning curve for customers. The motto "Passion makes the difference!" reflects the dedication of both companies to outstanding service and innovative solutions.

Our customers have high expectations of what we deliver. In order to meet these expectations, we rely on partners who are used to this approach.

Helmut Sproll, Managing Director, cross-works

The Helm & Nagel GmbH is a company that delivers what it promises with its product Konfuzio. Helmut Sproll, Managing Director, cross-works: "Just like us, Konfuzio is not perfect. But the experts at Konfuzio - just like us - are fast and sustainable learners who don't make the same mistake twice."

Would you like to find out more about the Swiss Content Cloud and the seamless integration of Konfuzio?

Do not hesitate and contact Helmut Sproll directly via mail [email protected], telephone +41 52 2080 334 or write a message to the experts at Konfuzio:

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