Use of Konfuzio for technical drawings

We are convinced that you are already successfully using Konfuzio for invoices, CVs, letters and many other use cases. But have you ever wondered how your colleagues from the technical departments handle their technical specifications?

Maximilian Böhm, COO of Valunoo GmbH, based in Munich, Germany

Valunoo GmbH and the product COVALYZE

COVALYZE is a product of Valunoo GmbH, headquartered in Munich. At its core, COVALYZE is a software suite that artificial intelligence, (AI) and automates big data analytics for companies in the manufacturing industry. The application combines advanced analytics technology with a user-friendly interface to enable engineers and procurement professionals to optimize their product costs. This is done by supplementing their own data with external "market intelligence data".

The COVALYZE software consists of three main modules:

  1. Technical dataAutomated digitization of technical drawings.
  2. ConnectivityAutomated connectivity with market intelligence data.
  3. Product group and supplier analysisMachine learning with big data to identify savings in mechanics, electronics and even services.

COVALYZE integrates various analysis steps that enable users to easily answer key questions about prices and cost drivers in day-to-day business.

Technical data is the basis for strategic procurement decisions, which is why it is so important to give engineers and purchasers a comprehensive insight into the technical context of their components.


Industry-specific challenge

COVALYZE's customers come from the automotive industry, the consumer goods industry, the Mechanical engineering and the rail industry. What they all have in common is that they use technical specifications when communicating with their suppliers. A specification can range from a simple 2D drawing for a sheet metal part to a complex parts list with drawings for a welded part to a comprehensive standard service contract in the infrastructure industry.

And all these customers face the same challenge: How can I use my large amount of technical data to analyze it and optimize material and service costs?

Our COVALYZE software has been the gold standard in technical data analysis for big data cost analytics since 2020. We don't dig deep into a single part and calculate individual production process steps.

Maximilian Böhm, COO of Valunoo GmbH

The software uses the power of big data to analyze hundreds and thousands of analyze technical dataextract the relevant technical features and upload them to COVALYZE for a comprehensive cost analysis that immediately saves customers a lot of money.

How COVALYZE gets the best out of Konfuzio

Valunoo GmbH has been working with Konfuzio since the spring of 2023, having previously used a different OCR software for the Digitization of technical documents.

Apart from the 'ease of use' of Konfuzio, there are four main reasons why Konfuzio is perfect for technical documents.

Christian Haas, CEO of Valunoo GmbH

That's why Konfuzio is the ideal solution for technical documents:

Example drawing COVALYZE and Konfuzio

Categorization of the drawings

The AI from Konfuzio sorts the different types of drawings, e.g. sheet metal is different from turned or milled parts - but they all look similar. With Konfuzio, we train the AI to separate all these different document types before extracting the detailed technical parameters.

Customized extraction

Konfuzio enables the fast Training of specific AI for the extraction of data in order to do justice to the different formats and data fields of various companies from numerous industries. COVALYZE also trains specific extraction AIs for certain categoriesas every customer uses different formats and data fields. And with success.

Precise recognition of text, numbers, characters and handwriting

Compared to the previous OCR Softwarewhich Valunoo GmbH had in use, Konfuzio convinces with a significantly better recognition of text and numbers, even if they are rotated by 90 degrees, especially in technical documents.

Our 'old' OCR software had difficulty recognizing text or numbers that were rotated 90 degrees in a document. In technical documents you will find many 'rotated text fields' and here Konfuzio is much better than the competition.

Christian Haas, CEO of Valunoo GmbH

Optimized customer collaboration

As a software company, the most important thing for COVALYZE is that collaboration with the customer's employees - especially when it comes to data annotation and quality control - runs smoothly. As a rule, the COVALYZE team sets up the customer-specific categorization and Extraction of AI with good data recognition quality. Customers then upload hundreds more documents for further annotation and quality control. Konfuzio facilitates smooth collaboration with customers in data annotation and quality control by ensuring good data recognition quality.

Konfuzio makes this collaboration with our customers so much better and easier!

Christian Haas, CEO of Valunoo GmbH

Conclusion on COVALYZE and Konfuzio - a success story

COVALYZE, the innovative software suite from Valunoo GmbH, combines AI and big data analysis to optimize product costs in the manufacturing industry. The modules

  • Technical data
  • Connectivity
  • Category analysis

offer a comprehensive solution for companies in various sectors - above all the automotive, consumer goods, mechanical engineering and railroad industries - supported by user-friendly price management modules.

The integration of Konfuzio marks a decisive step forward. Konfuzio enables precise drawing categorization, customer-specific extraction, improved Text and number recognition and optimized customer collaboration. Konfuzio's AI software overcomes all the challenges of previous OCR solutions and significantly improves the quality of data recognition when working with COVALYZE customers.

Outlook and recommendation

In any case, you are making a good choice when you entrust Konfuzio with the processing of your documents!

Christian Haas, CEO of Valunoo GmbH

Do you have any questions?

When it comes to technical documents and the processing of all technical details in the areas of mechanics, electronics or service, please contact the COVALYZE team.

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