Contract analysis software: how to manage contracts with AI

Companies and their business relationships are becoming more complex. The automation of contract management and the choice of the ideal contract analysis software for contract analysis is playing an increasingly decisive role in this. It is the methodical procedure for evaluating and assessing contracts in order to understand their content, structure and risks. This involves not only clarifying legal details, but also recording the economic and operational implications for the parties involved.

Take the opportunity to gain important insights on a broad scale.

Contracts and their business services are unique and come with specific terms, obligations and rights that need to be carefully analyzed to identify potential risks, liabilities and opportunities. With contract automation and the right contract analysis software, companies can make informed decisions and understand their rights and obligations accurately and efficiently. 

In this article, we go into detail and show how, despite the growing complexity of contracts and the global nature of business relationships, you can both increase your business success and minimize risks with the help of contract analysis software. Discover how technology not only increases clarity and transparency in data management and contractual agreements, but also offers strategic advantages in a networked, international business world.

What is contract analysis software?

Definition Contract Analysis Software

Contract analysis software is a digital tool for the efficient analysis and evaluation of contracts. It extracts and interprets key information, identifies risks and opportunities and thus promotes well-founded business decisions and legal compliance.

If we look at the business world today, it is fast-moving compared to the past. This is also reflected in contracts, which are becoming more complex and extensive. For this reason, the ability to efficiently manage and analyze contracts and automate specific process steps is an important step in remaining competitive. But why are contract automation, analytics and choosing the right contract analysis software no longer just useful tools, but a necessity for modern companies?

Advantages of modern contract management

Today, companies face a variety of challenges that require business intelligence and modern contract management. The benefits of contract automation through the use of intelligent contract analysis software are complex and contribute to transparency, compliance and efficiency:

  1. Risk reduction - Identification and management of potential risks that may be hidden in contractual clauses.
  2. Legal compliance - Ensuring that contracts comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements and that these are legally implemented.
  3. Cost control - Identification of cost traps and optimization opportunities to reduce unnecessary expenditure.
  4. Increased efficiency and data management - Improved contract management through faster retrieval and analysis of relevant information.
  5. Informed decisions - Providing detailed information that contributes to well-founded business decisions.
  6. Negotiating strength - A better understanding of the contents of the contract can lead to a stronger position in negotiations.
  7. Business relations - Promote positive business relationships through clarity and understanding of contractual obligations and expectations.
  8. Strategic planning - Integration of contract data into strategic planning to achieve business goals more efficiently.

Core functions of good contract analysis software

Effective contract analysis software serves as an advanced tool that supports companies in analyzing, managing and optimizing their contracts. The key functions for users include

Data extraction

The software is able to display relevant Automatically extract data and information from various contract documents. This includes key terms, clauses, dates and other critical information necessary for the analytics and evaluation of the contract.

Analysis and interpretation

It analyzes the extracted data by recognizing patterns, identifying deviations and interpreting the content in context. This enables a comprehensive assessment of the risks, obligations and opportunities associated with each contract.

Risk assessment

By using intelligent algorithms and AI technologies, the software can identify potential risks and compliance issues. It helps to identify hidden risks and suggest risk mitigation measures.

Reporting and visualization

Professional contract software provides comprehensive reporting capabilities that allow the analyzed data to be presented in an easy-to-understand manner. Diagrams, graphs and dashboards enable the visualization of complex contract data.


Good contract analytics software integrates seamlessly with existing systems and processes to increase contract management efficiency and ensure smooth Workflow to ensure

Contract automation

It automates recurring and time-consuming tasks associated with contract management, such as sorting, categorizing and finding contracts. Contract Automation therefore saves time and resources.

Compliance management

The software helps organizations meet regulatory and corporate compliance requirements by monitoring compliance and providing reports for audits and reviews.

These features of standard contract analysis software work together synergistically to provide companies with a comprehensive understanding of their contracts.

Contract automation increases the efficiency of contract management. Contract Analysis enables well-founded, data-driven decisions.

How to choose the right software

The selection of software is essentially similar to that of other software products. For this reason, we have created a short checklist here to help you structure your selection process. 

Feautres Contract Analysis Software Konfuzio

The goal is to find the best solution for contract management in your company.

  1. Needs analysis

    First, clearly define your specific requirements for the product solution and objectives in your day-to-day work. Take into account the type and complexity of the contracts you manage, as well as the specific challenges and needs of your company. A precise needs analysis is the first step in finding a suitable solution.

  2. Functionality and user-friendliness

    The software should have the necessary technology functions to analyze and manage your contracts efficiently. Also pay attention to user-friendliness - an intuitive design and a user-friendly interface are crucial for effective use.

  3. Adaptability

    Choose a platform that is flexible and adaptable. It should be able to scale with the changing requirements of your company and integrate into the existing technological environment. Infrastructure to integrate.

  4. Data security and data protection

    The security of your data should be a top priority. Make sure the software has robust security protocols to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your contract data.

  5. Support and customer service

    Pay attention to the provider's customer service and support. Reliable support is crucial to ensure you get maximum value from your investment and overcome any challenges quickly and efficiently.

Choosing the right software requires careful consideration of various factors. By considering your specific needs and applying the above criteria, you can find a solution that optimizes both your contract management and contract automation and maximizes the value of your contract data.

Contract automation and analysis with Konfuzio

The Software from Konfuzio has the ability to transform contract documents into a structure that can be read effectively by machines. Konfuzio's advanced artificial intelligence relies on both pre-trained algorithms and models that can be customized by users. As a result, key contract content is precisely extracted and identified.

Even extremely large documents spanning several thousand pages can be processed at above-average speed. Konfuzio only needs around 12.5 hours for 100,000 pages. This means that the platform saves a lot of time. Roughly speaking, employees in companies need an average of 22 minutes per day to search for information in contracts. That's the equivalent of 11 working days a year.

The central functions of Konfuzio

Managing a large number of contracts with different terms, payment modalities and termination conditions is one of the most complex tasks in internal corporate management. Digital and automated contract management offers a remedy here by ensuring that all deadlines are monitored and adhered to seamlessly. With tools such as Konfuzio, organizations can manage this task efficiently and reliably. 

Data extraction with AI support

Konfuzio uses state-of-the-art AI technologies such as OCRto recognize unstructured data in documents and understand where other systems fail. This enables deep analysis and Automation, by precisely extracting relevant information, even from repetitive structures.

Define data structures and AI training

Konfuzio's AI can be used adaptively for existing processes or trained specifically for a company's requirements using its own models. This ensures flexible and individual handling of documents of various types.

Export and integration via API

For IT and developers, Konfuzio offers extended access to design individual document workflows in addition to the web interface. Through API and SDK development, the data and insights gained can be seamlessly integrated into other systems and processes.

The integration of this contract automation technology into contract management enables companies to speed up their internal processes, improve the quality of document processing and make well-founded, data-driven decisions.

What information can the AI read?

The following example shows a sample contract, how the specially trained AI model for rental agreements on the Konfuzio Marketplace automatically extracts the information from the contract:

Contract Analysis Software Contract Automation Example Marketplace

The table below provides a detailed overview of industry-independent key information, from personal data of different contracting parties to specific clauses. With AI, you can go beyond the mere extraction of text content to gain further important insights from this data, such as predicting developments and analyzing trends.

A closer look at the crucial data that the marketplace model automatically recognizes makes this clear:

Gross rentThe total rent that a tenant must pay each month to use the rented apartment or property. This rent includes not only the basic rent (also known as net rent), but also all ancillary costs and operating costs incurred in connection with the rented property.Number42,84
IBAN payment accountIBAN (International Bank Account Number)Text6670474-2.096760.0013
Tenant numberA unique identification number assigned by the landlord or property management company to a specific tenant or rental party.Number02420016273001
Rental agreement numberA unique identification number or reference number that is specifically assigned to this rental agreement. It is used to uniquely identify the rental agreement and distinguish it from other rental agreements that the landlord may have concluded.NumberA 20130112
LocationThe city (town), the exact address of the rented property or apartment that is rented or let by the respective contracting party (tenant or landlord).TextBerlin
ZIP CODEThe zip code of the rental property, i.e. the combination of numbers or letters that indicates the exact location of the property.Number10785
StreetThe street is an important part of a rental agreement as it identifies the exact location of the rented property.TextPotsdamer Platz
Contract nameIt refers to the name or designation given to the rental agreement in order to clearly identify it.Textffimm$$wffimxsruffissm
This table shows only a small part of the extracted information. Numerous other annotations are possible in all contract types according to this scheme.

Use cases

Contract analysis software such as Konfuzio is used in a wide range of industries, as contracts are a universal element of business relationships:

Use Cases for Contract Analysis Software


Banks and financial institutions often have to deal with a large number of contracts, be it loan agreements, mortgages or investment agreements. Contract analysis software automatically records interest rates, terms or notice periods and evaluates the extracted data.

Public health

Hospitals and clinics conclude contracts with suppliers, insurance companies and medical staff. The software can be used to manage delivery conditions and price agreements more efficiently, for example.

Legal sector

Law firms and legal departments of large companies have to constantly check and evaluate contracts. Contract analysis software provides automatic support in identifying liability clauses or contractual obligations.

Production and industry

Even complex supply chain contracts from manufacturers and suppliers can be managed with contract analysis software and keep an eye on delivery deadlines, quantity discounts or penalty clauses in the event of delays, for example.

Real Estate

Many areas of the real estate industry work with various contracts on a daily basis, including rental contracts and purchase agreements. Using the Konfuzio software, relevant data such as rental and purchase prices, notice periods or maintenance obligations are automatically extracted from the contract document.

Conclusion - Contract analysis software creates efficiency and saves resources

Contract analysis and automation play a critical role in understanding complex business relationships and agreements in today's business world. With the support of contract analysis software, companies can both improve their business decisions and minimize risks. Konfuzio utilizes advanced technologies and not only provides extensive functionality for effective contract management, but also enables tremendous time and resource savings.

The relevance of this software extends across numerous sectors, which underlines its universal significance.

Are you interested in a customized solution for contract analysis and the automation of contract processing steps for your company? Get in touch with our experts and discover together how you can take your contract management to the next level:

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