Shaping the future - Our annual financial statements - Town Hall

The future begins today: our review of 2023 and outlook for 2024

In the beating heart of our company, during our recent Townhall meeting, we looked back together on a year of breakthroughs and charted the course for 2024. Under the dynamic leadership of Christopher Helm, the successes, challenges and visions for the future were outlined.

2023: A kaleidoscope of success

Christopher Helm ignited the spark with a review of 2023, which was characterized by exponential growth and groundbreaking innovations. Our website experienced a rush of visitors like never before - a shining sign of the power of our communication and the excellence of our offerings.

In-depth insights: Our pillars of strength

Each division of our company lit up the stage with its own successes. Bojidar Parvanov and his team presented impressive developments in the product landscape, bravely overcoming every challenge. Charlotte Götz took us through the triumphant achievements in communications, where our communication has scaled new heights.

We experienced a remarkable turnaround in business development: Inbound inquiries are now outperforming outbound efforts, clear evidence of the growing impact of our technologies.

2024: A new horizon

Looking ahead to 2024, Christopher Helm unveiled a strategic vision that is characterized by innovative and customer-oriented approaches. New talents such as Nico Engelmann and Tim Filzinger bring a breath of fresh air and expertise to our team.

Achieving great things together

Our Townhall emphasized the vital role of collaboration and adaptability. We celebrate the diversity of perspectives and the strength of our team dynamic, which helps us to overcome the challenges of our industry and keep our clients' needs in mind.

The journey continues

Our year-end Townhall was a tribute to our achievements and a bold step into the future. We welcome 2024 with open arms, equipped with strategies, goals and a team ready to meet new challenges and seize opportunities.

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