Posts about AI, Computer Vision, NLP, OCR and Intelligent Document Processing.
quality assurance doc title

Quality Assurance Doc as the cornerstone of excellence

Quality Assurance Doc - short for Quality Assurance Documentation - no longer just describes static records of processes, but...

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Change Management - Methods, Tools and practical Examples

In order to respond to constantly changing customer requirements and market movements, companies must constantly reinvent themselves - or at least efficiently...

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idp in logistics title

IDP in Logistics: Efficient document processing with Konfuzio

IDP in Logistics - short for Intelligent Document Processing - in logistics is not only a competitive advantage, but also a...

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Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - Comprehensive Guide with Best Practice

Developing a new product is a complex task for companies. Start-ups in particular struggle to develop a new product in the...

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How Business Analytics enables well-founded Decisions

Companies are constantly using new technologies and tools to process the ever-increasing volumes of data efficiently. This is the only...

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Character AI Guide - Functions, Rules and Application

From ChatGPT to Pygmalion AI and Chai: users can now choose from a wide range of powerful chatbots on the market....

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Linear Regression - Function and Areas of Application explained simply

Machine learning has become an indispensable part of data analysis for many companies. The challenge here is to find the...

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Claims settlement: efficient processing with generative AI

Fierce competition and high customer expectations make it difficult for insurance companies to hold their own in the market. An important success factor is...

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Machine Learning - 10 important Algorithms and their Application

Machine learning (ML) is an artificial intelligence technology that learns patterns from data and makes predictions based on them and...

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Swarm Intelligence - How it works and practical Areas of Application

Artificial intelligence has developed rapidly in recent years. While sub-areas such as machine learning and neural networks have...

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