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email to excel

Email to Excel - Email to Excel with a low-code strategy

Your email inbox is always full? Do you have to manually search for emails? As an automation expert in a company or a small business owner, you will...

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PDF to JSON conversion for intelligent text processing

Many technologies are nowadays a natural part of everyday life. Videos are automatically embellished. Online stores know what we are buying before we do...

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Google Cloud Vision Alternative: The 5 Top Providers

A Google Cloud Vision alternative is worth your while if Google Cloud Vision doesn't meet your needs. This can z....

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The Best AWS Textract Alternative: Top 5 Providers

Looking for an AWS Textract alternative for your business? You already have Amazon's product for your needs?

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The best OCR SDK with AI for document capture | Konfuzio

With AI-based OCR SDK you will improve the efficiency of your project and reduce the development time. Within seconds, you can automatically...

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Use text recognition efficiently thanks to online OCR solutions

It's not an overly typical image anymore, but they still exist: the bank customer who fills out a remittance slip and sends it to...

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Digital Transformation Cover

Digital transformation: definition, examples and implementation

Would you like to be sustainably successful with your company in the long term, build close customer relationships and employ satisfied staff? Then you need to constantly...

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Automated Data Processing

The trends and opportunities of Automated Data Processing

When processing data, one often first thinks of endless Excel spreadsheets into which a clerk manually enters columns of numbers....

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What distinguishes Data Science vs Machine Learning?

By means of Data Science and Machine Learning (ML) it is possible to obtain meaningful information from a mass of data. The terms...

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Customer Service

Intelligent Customer Service Automation | AI Update 2023

Intelligent Automation in Customer Service What if your customer service team could focus on the essentials,...

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