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Document verification with AI: Relieving the burden on your company

Let an AI assist you in document review, not only make it efficient, but also use it to optimize...

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How to get from PDF to text step by step

For many years, the PDF file format has established itself as the standard for the digital distribution of documents. Every device, whether...

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Konfuzio Labeling Tool- Extract data from images and PDFs

As a Data Scientist or Annotation Manager, you may be faced with the following problem: You want to extract from a mass of PDFs or...

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Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) of business processes

With autonomous systems such as self-driving cars or drones, AI-powered forms of automation are increasingly becoming part of everyday life. From customer service...

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5 Ways AI OCR is Revolutionizing the Insurance Industry

Are you an insurance professional who wants to stay up to date on the latest technology trends? Then you should read this blog post about...

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Low Code Automation

How low-code and no-code revolutionize business processes

Your office staff doesn't have a degree in computer science? Your clerks have no training as programmers? Of course not, because digital technology is...

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Autonomous Artificial Intelligence

Understanding autonomous artificial intelligence: Pros and Cons

What is Autonomous Artificial Intelligence? Autonomous AI is defined as a form of artificial intelligence that performs tasks without human intervention,...

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The best OCR software for intelligent process digitization

Document management in your software or your company's processes, or those of your customers, takes too much time and effort....

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Ephesoft alternative: Top 5 providers in software check

Are you looking for an Ephesoft alternative? Ephesoft is an IDP software with which you'll be able to manage your data processing...

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Laptop IDP Platform

The best IDP platform for effective document management

An IDP platform is important for companies that need to process large volumes of partially unstructured documents in a short time. Through...

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