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arabic ocr

Arabic OCR: automatic text recognition for Arabic

Arabic is one of the most widely spoken written languages in the world. Over 400 million people speak Arabic. The manual text recognition of...

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Opened laptop

Professional OCR software incl. handwriting recognition

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software is a technology that automatically recognizes printed text and converts it into digital data. Professional...

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Hyperautomation company

Unleashing growth with hyperautomation: Impetus for CEOs

Hyperautomation, the advanced automation of cognitive tasks, is a driving force of digital transformation and solution to current developments such as skills shortages...

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OCR Service

OCR service for automated document management

Is your document management still burdened by bulky and error-prone processes? Would you allocate resources that are tied to manual scanning and typing to...

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Enterprise checklist to find the best OCR software

Finding a good OCR software can be a difficult task as it involves many critical aspects. Please note,...

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Pytesseract OCR with OpenCV & Python: Programming Tutorial

Discover the amazing world of optical character recognition (OCR) with Tesseract, OpenCV and Python! This detailed guide takes you...

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Hand taps on tablet, inscription Invoice, digitize invoices

Digitizing invoices with OCR AI: advantages in use

You can quickly and easily bypass stacks of paper invoices and documents when you digitize invoices. Professional document management should be part of every...

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Scan vehicle registration document and record data with AI | 2023 Update

AI scanner software captures all data in seconds for automotive, insurance and government Optimize your processes with a...

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Two men on laptop and iPad from top of wooden table

Abbyy Finereader alternative: Top 5 software providers

Looking for an alternative to Abbyy Finereader? Abbyy Finereader is a PDF software solution designed to make it easier for you to...

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Opened laptop

OCR text recognition: digitize analog content easily

OCR text recognition has been around since the 1990s, when it was used exclusively to easily digitize physical documents. This...

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