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PDFTron vs Konfuzio - The ultimate tool showdown

PDFtron (Apryse) and Konfuzio both offer high-quality software solutions for digital document processing. Which offering is right for the needs of your...

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Capture delivery bill OCR

Delivery docket OCR automates data extraction via scanner

With a document AI and OCR, extract all the information in a delivery bill automatically. User interface that allows information...

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Classification of documents with AI for your document management

Implementing document management online This tutorial is about classifying documents with AI. This is in contrast to the...

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Tutorial 1

Document AI Extraction - How To I

How to start your project with Konfuzio To learn the basics of the Konfuzio platform, we recommend this tutorial where you...

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Data extraction from documents - How To II

How to optimize your project by using templates After learning the basics in the first tutorial,...

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Document AI Extraction - How To III

Unified Training Data: Theory and Practice After learning the basics in Guide 1 and sections in Guide 2, you should...

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