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Digitizing Files - How to do it efficiently with AI

In every company, large amounts of data are created every day that need to be stored, protected and managed. Even today,...

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Digitization for insolvency administrators

Digitization for insolvency administrators - automating processing

The handling of insolvency proceedings is a demanding and complex field of activity that has a significant function. Within this field, insolvency administrators bear...

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Digital document management with DMS

Success factors for digital document management

In every organization, there are a multitude of documents relevant to the business. Often, paper-based documents are filed in folders or binders and...

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Comprehensive guide to Jupyter Notebook on macOS

Comprehensive guide to Jupyter Notebook on macOS

Jupyter Notebook is a popular tool among data scientists and researchers because of its interactive Python environment. In this tutorial we will explore...

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ai ops tools title

Optimizing IT with AI Ops tools - The future is now!

Businesses rely on innovative technologies to efficiently manage their IT infrastructure and deliver peak performance, which is why AI...

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Identity card OCR

ID card OCR - identity verification in the blink of an eye

The rapid development of optical character recognition has ushered in a remarkable change in the approach to identity detection. The pioneering solution of...

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Automate Processes - RPA, ETL or software?

Repetitive tasks cost companies a lot of time and resources. It is therefore no wonder that more and more companies are automating these processes....

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enaio - A document management system for paperless work

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH is the manufacturer of enaio and has established itself over the last 30 years in Germany as...

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Energy Performance Certificate 2.0 - How OCR drives sustainability

The energy certificate, often referred to as the energy pass, is something like the energy driver's license of a building. It provides important information about...

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sagemaker alternatives for data analysis and machine learning

Amazon SageMaker Alternatives - Top 5 softwares at a Glance

Even though the Big 5 cloud providers will dominate the cloud hosting market in 2023, according to Statista, big names for...

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