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Understanding supply chains

Understanding the supply chain - basics, sections and optimization

At the beginning of the year, the Supply Chain Act, also known as the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act, came into force. It regulates corporate responsibility for the...

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ELO ECM: Functions, Use Cases and Konfuzio as a high-performance Add-on

To holistically digitize your business, it's not enough to store documents online to make information easily accessible....

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Digitization in the Construction Industry - 9 important Trends and their Benefits

The German construction industry is currently short of around 300,000 skilled workers. That is the estimate of IG Bau. At the same time, it also forecasts that the...

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Supply Chain Act Policy Statement Sample

Update on the Supply Chain Act incl. sample policy statement

The Supply Chain Act Policy Statement puts your corporate values into a documented form and forms the basis for dialogue with external...

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Contract Analysis Software Title

Contract Analysis Software - Simplify Your Contract Analysis

Companies and their business relationships are becoming more complex. Contract analysis plays an increasingly decisive role in this. It is the methodical procedure for...

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Container scanning

Container Security Scanning for AI Applications - Need & Implementation

In the field of artificial intelligence (AI), containers are not just a convenience, but a necessity. AI algorithms with their myriad dependencies...

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Hoverture Konfuzio Partner

A partnership for the future between Hoverture and Konfuzio

The business world is constantly changing. Digital transformation is advancing, and choosing the right merger is crucial to...

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Transfer cover

Grow your insurance business with AI-based transfer cover

Re-insurance does not only affect tied agents, but also more and more brokers. In the exclusivity sector, inflexible products, low commissions and high...

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Software Development - Do you know these 5 best practices?

Software development is becoming increasingly important. Whether it is automating industrial production processes or optimizing user experiences in the e-commerce sector...

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Multimodal LLM for data and image

Multimodal LLMs - Beyond the Limits of Language

Only a short time after the triumph of the great language models, another decisive breakthrough is achieved in artificial intelligence: newly developed...

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