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Data protection - Protect sensitive data with a PDF redaction tool

Whether it's a tax return, contract or bank statement - in bureaucratic processes we often have no choice but to send documents containing sensitive data with...

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data cleaning title

Data cleaning: the key to precise analyses 

Data has become a valuable asset for companies in almost every industry. It serves as the basis for strategic decisions,...

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Sentiment Analysis Title

Sentiment analysis: How to decode emotions from texts

Sentiment analysis enables you to analyze and understand the opinions and emotions in text data. Whether in...

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W-2 automation AI Marketplace Konfuzio

How to automate the processing of W-2 forms

United States, deadline April 15, every year: Every spring, tax season is in full swing and the deadline for filing taxes is...

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What is service management? - Frameworks and Best Practices

Service management is the link between a company's technological capacity and its human creativity. Service management is a holistic...

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What is a Form W-2 What is this

Understanding the W-2 form: What it is & other key information

When tax season begins, receiving the W-2 form is as inevitable as the arrival of the new year. The form...

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Legal Document Automation

Legal document automation enables automated administration of justice

Legal services are characterized by efficiency and precision. Legal professionals are always on the lookout for innovative ways to improve their...

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Release Konfuzio Newsletter released-2023-11-01_12

Software release updates

Konfuzio now offers bi-weekly updates that inform you directly about new releases. Technical changes and innovations for you. No empty phrases,...

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Data-based business models - opportunities and successful implementation

Data: the "new oil" of the digital age. This metaphor, despite its weaknesses, highlights the value-creation potential that data offers. They...

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Supply Chain Automation

Supply Chain Automation - Definition and Software for Implementation

From the procurement process to final delivery, companies today face an immense challenge: The continuous improvement and transparency of their supply...

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