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Example of a Proof of Concept (PoC)

When it comes to efficiently processing documents and unstructured text, artificial intelligence (AI) can add tremendous value....

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Tesseract Guide (1): Installation, Setup and Training

Tesseract is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine originally developed by HP Labs and released as an open source project in 2005. In the...

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Tesseract Guide (2): Usage, optimization and best practices

In the first part of our comprehensive guide to Tesseract, we showed how to properly install the software and set it up on a...

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Automation simply explained: definition, advantages and examples

According to tradition, the first automation already existed in the first century after Christ. At that time, the mathematician and...

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data mining title

Data mining: key competence of the data-oriented future

Our world is driven and shaped by data. Whether we're scrolling through social media feeds, making online purchases, or catching up on the latest news,...

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Programming AI: Algorithms, use cases and industries

What is an AI algorithm? An AI algorithm is a mathematical approach or procedure used by artificial intelligence (AI) to...

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Document Verification: What it is and how it works

More and more companies are offering online products and services that require the exchange of highly confidential data. In addition to the technical security that...

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AI companies

87 AI Companies - Update 2023

We are in a golden age of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, an era in which advanced algorithms...

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Lobster Data Ltd.

Lobster Data, the Lobster DATA GmbH and other AI modules

Data is the backbone of digital transformation, and its effective use is key to the success of any business. The challenge...

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python NaN

NaN Python - Handling NaN values in Python

NaN, which stands for "Not a Number", is a special floating point value in Python (and many other programming languages) that is used to...

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