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Achieving goals together. Our partner program offers comprehensive access to our document AI and also enables full integration into existing solutions. This allows us to join forces and develop joint solutions.

In close cooperation with companies and organizations, we develop innovative solutions for a wide range of customer requirements. In doing so, we work hand in hand with our partners to profitably combine the various areas of expertise. This is the only way to implement the diverse possibilities of Konfuzio in a targeted manner and develop a high-performance solution for a wide range of applications. The aim is to create a value that is greater than the sum of the individual components.

Are you interested in expanding your solutions with intelligent document processing from Konfuzio?

Diverse types of cooperation

Do you have a large network that requires process optimization and the implementation of intelligent software?

Lead us to potential contacts by exploring opportunities in your professional networks and industries.

Are you able to ensure the seamless integration of Konfuzio solutions in your customer environments?

Take responsibility for the implementation from start to finish, including deployment, configuration and customization of Konfuzio to the customer's needs.

Do you want to expand your own solutions with intelligent document retrieval from Konfuzio?

Work with our experts to develop tailor-made, high-performance solutions for your customers' requirements. Combine the possibilities of Konfuzio with your expertise.

Access to the latest AI technology

For these reasons, our partners enjoy working with us:

We value all our partners and their contributions, commitment and dedication to providing their customers with world-leading intelligent document processing solutions.


With diverse resources, interfaces, and training on Konfuzio technologies, we help our partners to add AI-based IDP to their portfolio to establish new value drivers.

Partner Community

Our constantly growing IDP community enables networking in innovative circles and accelerates your business and career. We support and promote exchange through various events.


Konfuzio technology can be used for any type of document in hundreds of languages, layouts, formulations and forms. Together with the industry expertise of our partners, the possible applications are virtually unlimited. This combination is the foundation for strong partnerships.

Practice Resources

Accelerate your skills growth - Konfuzio partners get access to demo systems and tools, sales and pre-sales training and webinars. We regularly update you on new product releases, best practices, GTM strategies and everything in between.

What advantages does Confucius offer?

As an AI-based input management platform, Konfuzio processes any document type from any input channel.

The AI software remains easy to configure and integrate. This means that semi-structured and unstructured documents can be processed automatically.

Precision and scalability

Our AI solutions offer industry-leading precision and are fully scalable to grow seamlessly with your business and adapt dynamically to changing requirements - all with minimal latency and maximum efficiency.

Simple implementation

Our state-of-the-art AI solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems and processes. Thanks to state-of-the-art interfaces, our software is designed to be compatible with a wide range of business applications and IT infrastructures.

Comprehensive support

In addition to easy digital access to our support, customers can also request access to experts from our internal team to ensure smooth production, integration and maintenance, even for challenging solutions for special technical requirements.

High data security

To enable the effective and secure use of data, our solutions offer you modular data processes, role concepts and security standards so that your data-related activities fully cover all aspects of organizational objectives and legal requirements.

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