Fully integrated IDP software configurable for your customers

Automate business documents 

Our partner program offers the most comprehensive access to our document AI and also enables full integration with existing solutions.


Lead us to potential contacts by exploring opportunities in your professional networks and industries.


You will lead the seamless integration of Konfuzio solutions into customer environments. You are responsible for the implementation from start to finish, including deployment, configuration and customization of Konfuzio to the customer's needs.


They are our closest allies, working hand in hand with us to integrate their offering with our solutions. They use Konfuzio to enhance your services. As true synergists, you create an effect greater than the sum of the individual components, enabling powerful solutions and delivering exceptional value to your customers.

Access to the latest AI technology with particularly short time to value

What are the advantages of Konfuzio?

As an AI-based input management platform, Konfuzio processes any document type from any input channel. At the same time, the AI software remains easily configurable and integrable. Thus, semi-structured and unstructured documents can be processed automatically.

Thanks to our HybridAI approach, complex AI procedures can be set up by any user. You just configure the results you want, click on some examples and our IDP platform does the rest. Even complex documents can be automated quickly, easily and with high accuracy.

Leverage our existing integration and sustainably reduce the TCO for your customers. Automate point-and-click documents in hours or days with our fully integrable low-code platform.

Implement even comprehensive IDP solutions in hours and days instead of weeks. Our cloud-enabled technology combined with our low-code approach makes integration with existing systems a breeze.

Document automation

Success stories of our partner community

Whether you want to add features and services to our solution or add them as components to your customers' overall system and provide them with world-class services, our partner program offers your company many opportunities.
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AI Cloud

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IP Dynamics GmbH is an innovative IT company in the field of contact center and unified communications. Over 100 highly qualified colleagues...

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Digital file - ELOenterprise

In ELOenterprise, information is combined in digital files. No matter whether customer, supplier or personnel files: all process-relevant documents, e-mails, files are...

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Fully integrated IDP software configurable for your customers

What are the benefits of partnering with Konfuzio?

We value all of our partners and their contributions, commitment and dedication to providing their customers with world-leading intelligent document processing solutions. Here’s why our partners love us:


With diverse resources, interfaces, and training on Konfuzio technologies, we help our partners to add AI-based IDP to their portfolio to establish new value drivers.


The existing success stories and references help you to position Konfuzio with a proven and customer-oriented approach and offer it adapted to the requirements of your target group.

Partner Community

Our constantly growing IDP community enables networking in innovative circles and accelerates your business and career. With different events we support and promote the exchange.

Partner First

We believe in win-win, dedication and trust to create long-term partnerships. We want to grow together with our partners and develop markets together. We prove this by supporting our partners in combining their industry and sector know-how for existing and potential customers.


Konfuzio technology can be used for any type of document in hundreds of languages, layouts, formulations and forms. Combined with the industry expertise of our partners, the applications are virtually unlimited. This combination is the foundation for strong partnerships.

Practice Resources

Accelerate your skills growth - Konfuzio partners get access to demo systems and tools, sales and pre-sales training, and webinars. Regular webinars provide information on new product releases, best practices, GTM strategies and everything in between.

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