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Guide: How to view a balance sheet free of charge

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The balance sheet has a wide range of applications in almost all sectors. It provides insights into assets and liabilities, i.e. the financial health of a company, helps investors to assess risks and opportunities and serves as the basis for correct accounting and important business decisions.

Balance sheet - definition

Balance sheet Balance sheet definition

The balance sheet is a central document in a company's bookkeeping and external accounting and, together with the income statement, forms the annual financial statements. It is made up of various balance sheet items, which are listed in a fixed order in the form of accounts, and is divided into two parts: The assets side and the liabilities side. At the end of the financial year, the closing balance sheet is prepared by recording all transactions in full. The listing of a company's equity and liabilities is also an important component.

The importance of a balance sheet

Balance sheets are a fundamental element of financial accounting. If the bookkeeping is accurate, they provide a meaningful snapshot of a company's financial situation at a specific point in time. Experts use annual financial statements to derive various key financial figures, such as

  • Liquidity,
  • Debt-equity ratio,
  • Profitability,

and much more. In addition to the actual assets and capital, these key figures are crucial for assessing the financial stability and performance of a company.

Difference - IFRS and tax balance sheet for international companies

International companies are often faced with the challenge of applying different accounting standards. The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are used for external reporting purposes and to comply with international standards, while the tax accounts are primarily used for tax purposes.

The main difference lies in the valuation methods and accounting regulations. IFRS places a greater focus on the presentation of the economic reality of a company, while the tax balance sheet takes tax-specific regulations into account. This can lead to differences in the valuation of assets, provisions and income. International companies should take these differences into account when preparing their financial statements in order to comply with both legal requirements and tax obligations.

How and where can I view a balance sheet?

Balance sheets are publicly accessible in many countries, as they are of enormous importance to investors, creditors and other interest groups. In Germany, balance sheets can be viewed via the Federal Gazette.

The Federal Gazette

The Federal Gazette is the official publication organ of the Federal Republic of Germany and is used for functions such as the publication of legal regulations and company-related information. This also includes the publication of

  • financial statements,
  • Annual reports and
  • other financial documents

of corporations. The Federal Gazette is therefore the central platform for inspecting the balance sheets of German companies.

Step-by-step to free access to the balance sheet

Visit the website of the Federal Gazette (

-> You will be redirected to the Federal Gazette here

Step 1 - Registration

First create a user account to access the balance sheets of corporations. The Registration on the website is required. This function is free of charge, but requires some basic information.

Guide Bundesanzeiger Registration_view balance sheet for free

Then confirm the registration in your e-mail inbox by clicking on the link from the Federal Gazette.

Guide Bundesanzeiger Confirmation Registration_view balance sheet for free

Once you have successfully created your account, you will be redirected back to the Federal Gazette. Now you can get started. There are no further "obstacles" to free access to balance sheets.

Guide Bundesanzeiger Successful Registration_view balance sheet for free

Step 2 - Search for balance sheet

After registering, you can start searching for balance sheets. Enter the name of the company whose balance sheet you would like to view and carry out the search. To do this, click on the blue button "Search„.

Guide Bundesanzeiger Search_view balance sheet for free

Step 3 - Select search result and view balance sheet

The search results will be displayed in a list of available documents. Select the correct result and open the company whose balance sheet you would like to view free of charge.

Guide Bundesanzeiger Search Result_view balance sheet for free

If required, download the annual financial statement document. As soon as you have the balance sheet in your hands, nothing stands in the way of your analysis.

Check the most important key figures and draw conclusions about the financial health of the company.

-> Read more about the Automation of financial statement analyses with AI

Balance sheet structure explained simply using a practical example

The following example shows the balance sheet of a fictitious corporation and serves to illustrate the above search result.

Balance sheet of the example company ABCDEFG GmbH

Fixed assetsEquity
Building: 500.000 EuroShare capital: 400,000 euros
Machines: 200.000 EuroRetained earnings: 50,000 euros
Vehicles: 100,000 euros
Current assetsBorrowed capital
Stock: 50.000 EuroLong-term loans: 150,000 euros
Receivables: 75.000 EuroShort-term loans: 30,000 euros
Cash: 25.000 EuroTrade payables: 40,000 euros
Total assetsTotal liabilities and shareholders' equity
875,000 euros620,000 Euro
Example balance sheet of a fictitious company


The balance sheet plays a central role in the financial world, as it provides insight into the financial health of a company and supports important decisions. Free access to a balance sheet via the Federal Gazette provides investors, creditors and other stakeholders with valuable information. The step-by-step guide shows how easy it is to access these documents without ever having worked in an accounting department before.

A well-founded analysis of the balance sheet makes it possible to assess the financial situation of a company and identify potential opportunities or risks. If you are looking to automate balance sheet analyses, Konfuzio is the ideal choice to make your project a reality. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents a promising further development that is worth paying attention to.

Do you have any questions?

Our experts will advise you in detail on what you can achieve with Konfuzio and the AI model for balance sheets on the Marketplace in your company. Write us a message:

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