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ai models and their placement in subfields

AI Models - From Expert Systems to Neural Allrounders

In the discourse surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) models, closely related terms such as machine learning and neural networks often come up....

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Documents can be digitally archived much more easily in an audit-proof manner

Mastering audit-proof archiving digitally and reliably

Instead of hoping that an important document will turn up before the tax investigation does, companies should play it safe and...

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timeline and evolution of nlp language models

NLP Models - Rapid development of artificial language geniuses

The fact that artificial intelligence has been shaking up both IT and the media for some years now is mainly due to developments in a specific sub-sector...

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sagemaker alternatives for data analysis and machine learning

Amazon SageMaker Alternatives - Top 5 softwares at a Glance

Even though the Big 5 cloud providers will dominate the cloud hosting market in 2023, according to Statista, big names for...

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logistic regression

Logistic regression: Simple explanation with little math

When it comes to complex machine learning models, one can quickly reach the limit of interpretability. In such cases...

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Meta AI Toolformer uses applications independently

Language models such as ChatGPT are currently the ultimate in automated speech processing. As pre-trained AI models based on neural networks, they can...

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News: AI app NotebookLM presented by Google

For two months, AI enthusiasts have been waiting for the testing phase of Google's "Project Tailwind" - an app for AI-powered organization of...

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erp vs crm

ERP vs CRM: Classic enterprise software in transition

The relationship between ERP vs CRM has changed considerably in recent years. The identification of generally valid functionalities and task areas...

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semistructured data

Semistructured Data: Challenges and Solutions

In these times, the rapidly growing data stream around modern companies demands precisely tailored processing strategies. In addition to unstructured formats, this can...

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word2vec embedding

Word2vec: Text analysis through Word Embedding

In the turbulent world of automated text analysis, Word Embedding represents a major breakthrough. By converting individual words into...

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