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topic modeling for text data

Topic modeling - function, techniques and application

Wherever large amounts of relevant text data appear, the question arises as to what it contains. Of course this is...

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MJP for the communication of the justice system

MJP - What "My Justice Mailbox" means for the legal system

Since October 2023, "Mein Justizpostfach" has been in pilot operation and offers new opportunities for digital communication between the judiciary, lawyers, citizens and...

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guide for opening eml format

Open EML file - Safe handling of the mail format

Today, digital communication in the business environment can hardly do without sending and receiving e-mails. This involves...

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Federated Learning for Model Optimization

Federated learning - shared performance despite separate data

The accuracy of machine learning stands and falls with the data used. For their successful use, the following generally applies:...

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ai in companies

Growth through contradictions - guest article for it-daily

It is not uncommon for different employees to produce different results from the same process. In this way, human subjectivity sometimes obscures the fact that...

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AI promotes the usability of implicit knowledge

AI and tacit knowledge - guest article in Digital Business Cloud

Since the 1990s, the management of intellectual capital in companies has been a theoretically sound and well-researched concept. The...

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Hyperparameter Tuning for Machine Learning Model Optimization

Hyperparameter tuning - a question of settings

Even though machine learning enables automated decisions, there are certain properties of the models that they cannot optimize independently. Exactly...

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AI and humans: a profitable cooperation

Advances in artificial intelligence continue to make rapid progress and present our society with profound structural changes. This is...

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Association analysis

Association analysis - function, algorithms and application

Data has long since become one of the most valuable resources of our time. However, this value is only created when the...

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adaptive boosting algorithm for weak learners

Adaptive Boosting - From weak learners to top decision-makers

Not every machine learning model delivers satisfactory results straight away. In many cases, training and implementation can take place quickly, but...

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