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Post Logistics Data Automation Partnership

Unlocking the future of postal logistics and data automation through partnership

The partnership between Konfuzio, a leading platform for intelligent character recognition (ICR), optical character recognition (OCR) and optical mark recognition (OMR) - and...

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Origoss Solutions Partner

Origoss Solutions Ltd and Konfuzio start partnership

Strong collaborations play a crucial role. Especially in the highly dynamic sphere of artificial intelligence (AI). Konfuzio and Origoss Solutions...

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Konfuzio SYMPLASSON Partner

SYMPLASSON launches AI partnership with Konfuzio

In the dynamic world of artificial intelligence (AI), strong partnerships are significant. SYMPLASSON and Konfuzio have recognized this and have...

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digital transformation in banks

AWB Automation of air freight at Zurich airport

Business process automation, including archiving air waybills (AWBs), has become increasingly important in the logistics industry to drive efficiencies and...

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People for ai

People for AI becomes Konfuzio Partner

Supporting AI Projects with High-Quality Annotated Data We are pleased to announce a new addition to our Konfuzio Platform ecosystem....

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fino group and fintract logo

Fintract and fino start partnership with Konfuzio

It is with great pleasure that Helm & Nagel GmbH, the producer of the AI software Konfuzio, and the two leading FinTech companies fino...

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Ai Partner for IDP Processes

Expand your IDP offering with Konfuzio, your AI partner

Step to the forefront of the rapidly evolving business landscape and experience the transformative power of Intelligent Document Processing...

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Lobster Data Ltd.

Lobster Data, the Lobster DATA GmbH and other AI modules

Data is the backbone of digital transformation, and its effective use is key to the success of any business. The challenge...

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Nelson Fernandes

Hello, I am Nelson Fernandes! 🌟

I am excited to introduce myself as the Executive Vice President of Global Partnerships and Alliances for the Konfuzio family! With over 30...

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OpenKM - Save time and resources with Enterprise Open Source

OpenKM is an enterprise content management software, often referred to as a document management system (DMS). There are many literature sources about document management terms...

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