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DocumentGPT Konfuzio

DocumentGPT - Unleash the power of LLMs

In 2020, the company OpenAI launched their product ChatGPT. Many know it, many use it. This...

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ZBar: Document AI - Efficient extraction of barcodes

In the world of document processing and data management, the ability to decode barcodes quickly and accurately plays a critical role....

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Happy Robot

Downsize your AI model while maintaining performance

Introduction Increasing demand for artificial intelligence (AI) requires smaller, more efficient models for device-limited resources. These models need to be more efficient despite the...

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What is Document Layout Analysis?

Deep Dive Document Layout Analysis with High-Tech Tools

Document Layout Analysis bridges the gap between unstructured data and its meaningful use by extracting structured information while...

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Mohamed Amine Dhiab

Hello, I am Mohamed Dhiab 👋

I am an experienced machine learning engineer, research associate, and full-stack developer with a knack for developing innovative technological...

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