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LLMs with RAG

The limits of LLMs and how RAG remedies them

Terms such as Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and Large Language Models (LLMs) have attracted much attention in the recent...

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DocumentGPT - Unleash the power of LLMs

In 2020, the company OpenAI launched their product ChatGPT. Many know it, many use it. This...

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ZBar: Document AI - Efficient extraction of barcodes

In the world of document processing and data management, the ability to decode barcodes quickly and accurately plays a critical role....

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Happy Robot

Downsize your AI model while maintaining performance

Introduction Increasing demand for artificial intelligence (AI) requires smaller, more efficient models for device-limited resources. These models need to be more efficient despite the...

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What is Document Layout Analysis?

Deep Dive Document Layout Analysis with High-Tech Tools

Document Layout Analysis bridges the gap between unstructured data and its meaningful use by extracting structured information while...

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Mohamed Amine Dhiab

Hello, I am Mohamed Dhiab 👋

I am an experienced machine learning engineer, research associate, and full-stack developer with a knack for developing innovative technological...

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