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native ai

Native AI increasingly replaces naïve AI - specialist applications instead of playgrounds

The dawn of the digital age has begun. With it, artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to the fore that is so intuitively...

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a data drain visualized as a data train

From Brain Drain to Data Drain: A Paradigm Shift

The age of artificial intelligence has long since risen from the starting blocks. For technology-savvy individuals, it resembles a renaissance moment, for...

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Digital document management with DMS

Success factors for digital document management

In every organization, there are a multitude of documents relevant to the business. Often, paper-based documents are filed in folders or binders and...

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digital trade register

The digital trade register violates the GDPR

In the age of digitalization, the commercial register in Germany went online last year. All documents held by supervisory boards, managing directors...

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Konfuzio Screenshot

DATEV DMS - Overview, strengths and 3 alternatives

Document management systems (DMS) have become essential tools in the business world, streamlining administrative work and simplifying internal processes. They are...

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The invisible companion in the shopping cart - Embedded Insurance

In the innovation scene, a disruptive model is gaining in importance: the P2P model, or "Purchase to Protection", in German: Vom Kauf...

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Buzzword Bingo: When Technical Terms Fail

Today we take on the view of Dan Lucarini, who in his role as lead analyst for IDP (Intelligent...

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Enterprise software 2023 between efficiency and resistance

Business leaders are constantly challenged to deploy the best technologies to optimize operations and maximize competitive advantage....

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Digital Bank Transformation - Trash or Treasure?

Digitization - the technology industry's favorite child, hung with shiny promises and dazzling slogans. Oh, how often have I heard...

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digital transformation in banks

Beyond Digital Nihilism: Effective Digital Transformation in Banking

It is relationships that are at the core of our existence, not technology. In the shadow of trust, business flourishes....

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