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PDFTron vs Konfuzio

PDFTron vs Konfuzio - The ultimate tool showdown

PDFTron, now operating as Apryse, is an established company with a long history in document creation and processing. It offers...

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Digital Transformation Cover

Digital transformation: definition, examples and implementation

Would you like to be sustainably successful with your company in the long term, build close customer relationships and employ satisfied staff? Then you need to constantly...

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Automated Data Processing

The trends and opportunities of Automated Data Processing

When processing data, one often first thinks of endless Excel spreadsheets into which a clerk manually enters columns of numbers....

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FUNSD+ | A larger and revised FUNSD dataset

When creating the FUNSD+ dataset we aimed to enlarge the FUNSD. In addition, we wanted to set-up the labeling tool,...

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Document Management Software

Document management software: 7 steps to intelligent document management

In any company there are a lot of documents relevant to the business - contracts, attachments, minutes, invoices, bank statements, reports, applications, job applications, deeds....

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Process optimization

Process optimization: definition and implementation in your company

Process optimization is an inevitable process for the efficient functioning of a modern company. Abstract What is process optimization? When companies...

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Who wants to be hired?

As a developer, it's hard to find a good job. Most developers want to solve technical challenges. They probably like...

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Digitize salary statements thanks to our AI

Document AI in Finance

Few industries benefit as much from artificial intelligence as finance. Document AI in Finance is therefore a real...

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Extract data

Do you want to extract data from PDF files? PDFs are widely used for sending and presenting information. Not only suppliers...

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digital archiving

Digital archiving through artificial intelligence

The digital age brings many challenges and changes, but also tremendous short- and long-term improvements for companies of all sizes. One...

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