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data mining

Data mining: definition, methods, areas of application & more

Our world is driven and shaped by data. Whether we're scrolling through social media feeds, making online purchases, or catching up on the latest news,...

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data mapping title

Focus on data mapping: optimizing your data landscape

Data mapping enables the effective organization and use of information - which is crucial to a company's success. Data mapping is...

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data wrangling title

Data wrangling: The key to data optimization

Data wrangling is the method you use to unlock the value of data by cleansing, transforming and harmonizing it....

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legal tech title

Legal tech: Successful digitalization of the legal system 

The advent of legal tech and the use of workflow automation by n8n are significantly changing the way law firms work. In this...

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anonymization of data title

Anonymization of data: Protecting information, strengthening trust

The anonymization of data is at the heart of data protection, because with the ever-increasing amount of personal information that is being...

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applied ai title

Applied AI: A comprehensive guide to the use of versatile AI

Applied AI enables companies to optimize their work through innovation and efficiency. From automated document processing through to...

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legal automation title

Legal automation: the key to efficiency in the legal sector

Legal automation provides a means of automation that replaces the manual aspects of legal work with intelligent technologies. In this article...

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end to end title

End-to-end optimization for efficient business processes

End-to-end processes that cover the entire value chain are proving to be the cornerstone of success in an increasingly networked world.

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What does saas title mean

What does SaaS mean? Deep dive on the topic of Software-as-a-Service

What does SaaS mean? SaaS, short for Software-as-a-Service, is not just a technology, but is changing the way companies do business.

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blue prism rpa title

Optimization of processes: Blue Prism RPA meets Konfuzio

Blue Prism RPA helps companies to optimize workflows, automate repetitive tasks and increase productivity. At the same time, the...

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