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Hands typing on laptop ocr validation

Optimize document management with OCR Validation

Identity and document verification is a time-consuming task for companies in all industries. Due to the long processing and handling times, it comes...

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Man holding tablet data extraction

Data extraction from PDF to Excel

In your everyday work, do you regularly need to extract data from PDF files and export it to Excel? Depending on how many PDF files you...

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hands typing on laptop keyboard

Use human-in-the-loop automation

Artificial intelligence is successfully used to automate business processes, such as data extraction when applying an IDP software...

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Digitalization in logistics Title

Digitization in Logistics: How Logistics Automation Works

Digitization in logistics has taken a big leap forward as a result of the Corona pandemic, as at the same time declining...

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Automation of the entire company thanks to BPA software

With BPA software, you can optimize your company's business processes by automating manual work and managing the individual workflow steps, from...

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Various document tools in front of laptop with hand

Document Understanding: Techniques for understanding documents

Document Understanding is a field that encompasses a set of techniques and technologies aimed at extracting information from unstructured documents,...

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Hand taps on tablet, inscription Invoice, digitize invoices

Digitizing invoices with OCR AI: advantages in use

You can quickly and easily bypass stacks of paper invoices and documents when you digitize invoices. Professional document management should be part of every...

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Two men on laptop and iPad from top of wooden table

Abbyy Finereader alternative: Top 5 software providers

Looking for an alternative to Abbyy Finereader? Abbyy Finereader is a PDF software solution designed to make it easier for you to...

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Opened laptop

OCR text recognition: digitize analog content easily

OCR text recognition has been around since the 1990s, when it was used exclusively to easily digitize physical documents. This...

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Hands tapping on laptop, documents icon in front of it

Document verification with AI: Relieving the burden on your company

Let an AI assist you in document review, not only make it efficient, but also use it to optimize...

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