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Software Development - Do you know these 5 best practices?

Software development is becoming increasingly important. Whether it is automating industrial production processes or optimizing user experiences in the e-commerce sector...

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Predictive Maintenance - The Future of Intelligent Maintenance

Efficiency often makes the crucial difference between competitiveness and stagnation in a company. In industry, plants and machines are...

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Cover Image Article Roadmap

How roadmaps drive the path to business success

A clear direction, a structured plan and focused implementation are critical to a company's success. This is exactly where...

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eakte title

The eFile - turning point for document management and working methods

The introduction of the eFile - an electronic alternative to the traditional paper flood - promises not only a drastic change in the way we work...

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Looking for an alternative to abbyy vantage

ABBYY Vantage Alternative - The Comparison

Not all companies agree with the requirements and costs of ABBYY Vantage and are looking for alternatives that are better suited to...

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a2i title

A2I in Action - How Konfuzio is Redefining the Validation Process

Artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence are no longer separate entities these days, but form an exciting symbiosis. This concept, which...

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snowflake alternative title

Snowflake alternatives: decision paths in the data jungle

In an ever-evolving data-driven business world, choosing the right data management platform is critical. While Snowflake is undoubtedly a...

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enterprise automation title

Enterprise Automation - The Future of Business Development

Companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of optimizing their operations in order to remain competitive. This is where enterprise automation comes in,...

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DataCap IBM Title

DataCap from IBM - advantages, disadvantages & alternatives

Companies are increasingly looking for efficient ways to capture, process and manage documents and data. IBM DataCap has proven to be a...

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ai ops tools title

Optimizing IT with AI Ops tools - The future is now!

Businesses rely on innovative technologies to efficiently manage their IT infrastructure and deliver peak performance, which is why AI...

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