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Elizaveta Ezhergina Konfuzio

Hello, I am Elizaveta Ezhergina 👋

I am a software developer with a focus on machine learning, especially AI and NLP, and have always been curious about "language...

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Amazon Textract DVUI Konfuzio

Amazon Textract and Konfuzio DVUI - Data Extraction without Training

Do you want to find a way to quickly extract information from any document without first training a model?

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Python plays Twister: 8 absurd examples of complex code

Programming is an art of balancing simplicity and complexity. But there is a peculiar attraction to complexity that...

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Alternate Chat GPT 2023

Large Language Models as ChatGPT Alternative

Sometimes it's a good idea to find out about alternatives, even if you're already using a solution like ChatGPT....

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donut document understanding

Donut Deep Dive - Document Understanding

Donut, introduced by Kim et al. (2021) in their paper "OCR-free Document Understanding Transformer (Donut)", is a unique...

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Anomaly detection

Everything you need to know about anomaly detection

Anomaly detection is an important consideration in many industries and use cases, from security to networking to optimizing...

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Bounding box in container

Bounding box identification for page segmentation and OCR

Region Proposal Networks (RPNs), also known as bounding box AI models, are becoming increasingly important in document AI, as they provide the...

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Document Splitting

Classification of documents and document separation by AI

One of the often overlooked and really difficult problems with document automation, which is also really annoying in day-to-day operations, is...

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