Posts about AI, Computer Vision, NLP, OCR and Intelligent Document Processing.

Konfuzio Labeling Tool- Extract data from images and PDFs

As a Data Scientist or Annotation Manager, you may be faced with the following problem: You want to extract from a mass of PDFs or...

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email to excel

Email to Excel - Email to Excel with a low-code strategy

Your email inbox is always full? Do you have to manually search for emails? As an automation expert in a company or a small business owner, you will...

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What distinguishes Data Science vs Machine Learning?

By means of Data Science and Machine Learning (ML) it is possible to obtain meaningful information from a mass of data. The terms...

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AI Data Extraction

AI Data Extraction from PDF and other types of documents

Modern companies have to process vast quantities of invoices, letters and other documents. The problem: senders do not comply in any way with...

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