apinity - API management platform for the insurance industry

Accelerate your digital transformation with seamless API integrations on your own API marketplace

Discover apinity - The API Management Platform for the Insurance Industry

apinity provides a solution tailored to the insurance industry. API Management Platform Solution that streamlines the process of connecting and managing APIs. Our customized solution enables insurance companies to accelerate their digital transformation by simplifying API integrations and automating workflows. With apinity, you unleash the full potential of your software ecosystem and foster collaboration between different systems, tools and teams.

APIs as drivers for digital insurance solutions

Discover the outstanding features of our solution that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the insurance industry:

Get the business maximum out of your APIs 

  • Cost savings through increased reuse of APIs
  • Generate revenue streams through new digital business models such as embedded insurance
  • Promote innovation through the simplified integration of innovative data services

Secure your white label API marketplace

  • Introduce an internal API marketplace to improve API reuse across different projects and offices (e.g., APIs for common business use cases such as address changes).
  • Launch an external partner portal with self-service capabilities to orchestrate and extend connectivity to partners (e.g., channel partners or service partners).
  • Standardize third-party service implementation processes and easily distribute them across your collaboration to drive digitization, automation, and a world-class customer experience (e.g., KYC, OCR, or payment services).

Participate in the booming API economy

  • Orchestration of multiple API Gateways under one Enterprise API Portal
  • Central governance of all enterprise APIs via one platform
  • More security and convenience via central management of user and access credentials 
  • Dedicated customer support and consulting services
  • Leverage an advanced software-as-a-service solution to build and manage your own API ecosystem - with no development effort at all

Successful partnership: apinity & Konfuzio

apinity and Konfuzio offer on the publicly available apinity marketplace innovative solutions developed exclusively for the insurance industry. By combining Konfuzio's powerful AI-powered data collection and apinity's customized API management platform, insurance companies can make their processes more efficient, reduce costs, and provide better service to their customers. 

  1. Intelligent automation: Optimize your business processes and reduce manual tasks by using artificial intelligence and automation in your insurance processes.
  2. Seamless API integrations: Seamlessly connect your internal and external systems to enable seamless information sharing and better collaboration.
  3. Efficient data processing: Leverage our powerful data processing and transformation technology to effectively analyze, process, and synchronize your data across disparate systems.
  4. Comprehensive compliance solutions: Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards through our compliance tools and services.
  5. Customer-oriented solutions: Improve customer loyalty and increase sales with targeted, customer-focused products and services.
  6. Scalable & flexible architecture: Benefit from our scalable and flexible platform that adapts to the growth of your business and meets your individual requirements.

Benefits of apinity for your digital transformation

apinity is the one-stop store for API services, specifically tailored for insurance and other regulated industries. Accelerate your digital transformation, drive collaboration and improve your Operational efficiency. Because while most API management solutions focus on the needs of IT departments, we manage to meet the needs of the business side as well, unlocking new business potential. With a future-proof platform that adapts to your needs, you stay at the forefront of technology and can adapt to rapidly changing business requirements.

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