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As a trusted advisor, do you want to provide your clients with best-in-class document AI services and leading document management solutions that meet the highest security standards and don't come with the drawbacks of a layout or rules-based capturing solution layout?

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By joining our partner network, you can leverage the enormous potential of one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing AI markets, increase revenue and market share, and secure competitive advantages. We provide you with resources, training, tools and everything else you need to succeed!

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Implement even comprehensive capture solutions in days instead of weeks - device-independent and secure.

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By providing the best service to your customers, you can grow your business and generate additional revenue streams

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Use our integration with leading upselling software solutions and increase average sales volume

AI supports manual activities or automates them completely

Helm & Nagel GmbH offers the leading AI platform for business-relevant documents. Insurers, large enterprises, banks and the public sector use the Konfuzio software to automate media breaks in processes, automatically generate Smart Data from Big Data and thus simplify business-relevant human decisions with structured information.

Document Processing Pipeline

Success stories of our partners

Whether you want to add features and services to our solution or add them as components to your customers' overall system and provide them with world-class services, our partner program offers your company many opportunities.

AI Cloud

AI Cloud - Hybrid Multicloud Infrastructure and Data Sovereignty

To optimize processes sustainably and use data as effectively as possible, modern companies rely on an AI cloud. Konfuzio offers...

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Digital document capture automates customized solutions

IP Dynamics GmbH is an innovative IT company in the field of contact center and unified communications. Over 100 highly qualified colleagues...

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Digital file - ELOenterprise

In ELOenterprise, information is combined in digital files. No matter whether customer, supplier or personnel files: all process-relevant documents, e-mails, files are...

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    Online meeting to get to know each other and assess opportunities.
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    Signing of the partnership agreement including the agreement on the objectives of the partnership.
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    Sales and IT training at level 1. Joint sales planning and coordination of possible collaborations in marketing.
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    High level commitment to advanced IT training at Level 2 and 3.
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Whether you want to add features and services to our solution or add them as components to your customers' overall system and provide them with world-class services, our partner program offers your company many opportunities.

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Increase the automation of your software to automatically leverage information in a structured way from documents where today users type it out manually.

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Expand your portfolio and stand out from the competition by offering vertical AI to generate more leads through better solutions.

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AI Development

Annotate documents and texts even semi-automatically and download the training and test data for your NLP or computer vision project.

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Access to the most advanced NLP and computer vision algorithms

You can find all details about the AI in the section "Trainer" on the page

Object identification via Region Proposal Network

    Manual activities block your customers?

    Digitization of work through AI

    The scope of the software Konfuzio is unique in the world

    Konfuzio is a horizontal platform for automatic processing of complex documents and texts. From the first document, our powerful AI solution quickly and accurately learns information from any text to feed structured data to downstream systems.

    You can find all details about the use under
    PDF, TIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, EML, XLS, DOC, PPT are supported file formats

    Easy hosting of the AI via Docker or Kubernetes

    In addition to SaaS hosting, the Konfuzio software can be operated in the private cloud or on-prem. The Association of Savings Banks, the Deutsche Bundesbank and other reinsurers use hosting on their own servers for data processing of strictly confidential data, e.g. according to § 203 StGB, § 12 GBO or § 26 KWG. Details on the operation can be found at You can find the contracts under

    OCR API for intelligent text recognition

    References and press reviews

    Based in Germany, Helm & Nagel GmbH is one of the leading AI companies in the DACH region. Only 4 years after its foundation, Helm & Nagel GmbH was awarded first by the Hessian Founders Award, then by WirtschaftsWoche and Deutsche Telekom for its core competence in the field of enhancing OCR with AI., WirtschaftsWoche, Tagesspiegel or the International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management already reported about the company.

    Hagen Rickmann image

    Digital Champion in the category Digital processes

    Hagen Rickmann
    Deutsche Telekom AG, as patron of the DIGITAL X

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    Logo of the Wirtschaftswoche

    Growing according to your own rules does have its advantages.


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    Logo of the Deutsche Bundesbank

    We see many use cases

    Prof. Joachim Wuermeling
    Executive Board - Deutsche Bundesbank

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    Patrick Afflerbach Image

    75 % Time saving

    Dr. Patrick Afflerbach
    Management Board - 1:1 Assekuranzservice AG

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    Oliver Laitenberger Image

    A leading AI platform

    Dr. Oliver Laitenberger
    Partner - Horn & Company

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    97.25% Accuracy

    Pietro Carnevale
    CEO HITS. Board Member F10

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    Deutsche Rückversicherung AG

    The department trains the AI independently

    Niklas Ex
    Innovation Manager - Deutsche Rück

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    Regina Bruckschlögl Image

    A Swiss Army Knife for Documents

    Regina Bruckschlögl

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    Jürgen Stüber image

    Start-ups automate data processing

    Jürgen Stüber
    Editor Tagesspiegel

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    Savings Bank Logo

    A relevant solution to an existing problem

    Robin Nehring
    Innovation Manager - Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf

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