Dad-Joke theorem: instructions for use in everyday situations

Our Dad Joke Theorem, presented as a sponsor at the popular Event.

Posing this theorem is a playful, yet serious approach to introduce the basic idea of the AI Comedy Club. An AI Club that deals with the complexity of artificially generated and evaluated humor: a Python-focused playground for AI enthusiasts and an application we can laugh about at best. Further information can be found at the end of the article.

What do procrastination and debugging have in common? They both start with:

That won't take long.

Dad jokes are known for turning everyday or challenging situations into moments of levity and humor. They often use puns, simple language jokes or play on common phrases to create a humorous twist. This approach reflects how many adults deal with challenges - by finding the lighter side or a different perspective. Just as children light up at the anticipation of candy, dad jokes present challenges as opportunities for joy or amusement for adults.

The Advent calendar is the perfect preparation for Christmas: Children look forward to chocolate every day and developers on problems of Adventofcode.

Essentially, dad jokes can make challenges seem less intimidating and add a touch of playfulness. They remind us not to take everything too seriously and that there is often a silver lining, or in this case a 'sweet' side to the challenges we face. This light approach particularly resonates with adults who often have to navigate complex situations in their daily lives. By comparing challenges to 'grown-up candy', dad jokes playfully suggest that these obstacles can be just as delightful and rewarding as a child's treats, provided we approach them with the right attitude. This analogy sums up the essence of dad humor - finding joy and humor in the everyday and using it as a tool for resilience and positivity.

This paper examines empirical approaches to creating dad jokes and presents a formal method that can be used to turn almost any everyday sentence into a dad joke. By analyzing everyday situations and applying a simple structural formula, we show how dad jokes can be effectively created and used in different contexts.


Dad jokes are an integral part of everyday humor. They are characterized by their simplicity and predictability. This article presents a formalized approach to transforming everyday sentences into dad jokes, based on empirical observations.


The approach presented is based on two main components:

  • Structural formula for Dad Jokes (SF): A simple formal approach consisting of two parts: the setup (S) and the punchline (P).
  • Empirical observation: Analyze everyday conversations to identify appropriate phrases for conversion into Dad Jokes.

Results and application

The structural formula for Dad Jokes (SF) is:

Dad Joke = Setup (S) + Pointe (P)

Examples for the application of the structural formula:

  1. Example:
    • Setup (S): "What is the most dangerous element in software development?"
    • Pointe (P): "A user with an idea."
  2. Example:
    • Setup (S): "How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?"
    • Pointe (P): "Nothing. It's a hardware problem."
  3. Example:
    • Setup (S): "What is the object-oriented way to get rich?"
    • Pointe (P): "Inheritance"
  4. Example:
    • Setup (S): "Why did the database administrator leave his wife?"
    • Pointe (P): "She didn't offer a 1-1 relationship."
  5. Example:
    • Setup (S): "Why did the software coder enjoy pressing the F5 key?"
    • Pointe (P): "It was refreshing."

The search for the punch line

The punchline is the heart of every dad joke. It should surprise, amuse and ideally provoke a moment of reflection. Here are steps and tips on how to find the perfect punchline for a dad joke:

1. recognize puns:

  • Take a close look at the original sentence and look for words that could be ambiguous or offer the possibility of a pun.
  • Example: In "I still have to fill up the car", the word "fill up" could be interpreted humorously in the sense of "recharge energy".

2. literal interpretation:

  • Take a part of the sentence literally, which is normally used in a figurative sense.
  • Example: "The fridge is almost empty" could be taken literally, as if the fridge itself is on a diet.

3. use exaggeration:

  • Exaggerate one aspect of the sentence in a funny and obvious way.
  • Example: "Tomorrow I'm going to mow the lawn" could be exaggerated by pretending it's an extremely dangerous task.

4. include everyday observations:

  • Think about whether there are everyday, relatable aspects that you can exaggerate in a humorous way.
  • Example: "Tonight I'm cooking spaghetti" could be transformed by personifying the tendency of spaghetti to stick together in a funny way.

5. connection with well-known idioms:

  • Incorporate well-known idioms or proverbs that might fit the original sentence, but in a humorous context.
  • Example: "I still have to hang up the washing" could be combined with the phrase "have a point of view".

6. maintain simplicity:

  • The punchline should be short, concise and easy to understand. Complicated punchlines often lose their impact.


The SF method offers a systematic approach to creating dad jokes. By empirically observing everyday conversations, suitable sentences can be identified and transformed into dad jokes with the help of SF. This method makes it possible to integrate humor into various situations in daily life.


Our approach offers a simple and effective method for turning everyday sentences into Dad Jokes. By applying the structural formula, anyone can learn the art of Dad Joke storytelling and humorously enrich their everyday life.

The AI Comedy Club

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The AI Comedy Club is a place where artificial intelligence and human wit come together to create a unique entertainment experience. It shows how AI can be used beyond traditional applications to spread joy and laughter.

We hope this article inspires you to integrate the Dad Joke Theorem into your everyday life and discover the exciting world of the AI Comedy Club. Because sometimes the best solution to a problem is a good joke.


We would like to thank all dad yoke enthusiasts for their inspiration and the many everyday conversations that served as the basis for this study.

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