Adaptive AI for your company

Adaptive AI is one of the top 10 strategic technology trends according to Gartner. At Konfuzio, we use Adaptive AI to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes through Smart Document Processing (SDP) and Advanced Document Intelligence (ADI).

What is adaptive AI?

Adaptive AI, or adaptive artificial intelligence, adapts dynamically and continuously to new data and environments. It learns in real time, offering greater accuracy and flexibility than static models.

This capability makes Adaptive AI particularly valuable for companies that operate in rapidly changing environments and always need to be one step ahead.

Advantages for your company

Adaptation to new document classes and data sources saves time and costs. Optimize your processes and save valuable resources.

Continuous model improvement increases the reliability of your data processing. Reduce errors and increase the accuracy of your processes.

Adapt quickly to changing market conditions. Stay agile and react faster to the economic environment.

How does Adaptive AI work at Konfuzio?

For companies looking for efficiency, accuracy and flexibility in data processing, Adaptive AI offers numerous advantages. How do you benefit from this technology as a Konfuzio user?

Smart Document Processing (SDP)

SDP automates document processing and the extraction of relevant information. The technology is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning and processes both structured and unstructured data.

With SDP, companies save time and resources while improving the accuracy of their data processing.

Advanced Document Intelligence (ADI)

ADI, an advanced component of SDP, extracts unstructured data from documents and converts it into structured information. ADI integrates new document classes quickly and flexibly.

As part of SDP, ADI offers companies an efficient way of processing a wide range of document types.

Konfuzio as Cognitive Automation Platform

Our platform combines cognitive automation with ADI and SDP to automate business processes while mimicking human intelligence. This combination makes it possible to process documents automatically and integrate information directly into accounting or ERP systems.

The combination of cognitive automation, ADI and SDP saves time, reduces errors and increases data processing accuracy.

Processing of various documents

ADI processes various document formats such as Invoices, agreements and formsregardless of whether the data is structured or unstructured. It can accurately interpret handwritten and typed texts.

"ADI is the ideal solution for companies that need to process different document styles."

Areas of application and integration options

Adaptive AI enables faster and more accurate data processing in various industries, enabling companies to increase their competitiveness.

Automation of invoice processing, analysis of financial documents and integration into accounting systems.

Processing of medical reports, patient records and diagnoses to optimize workflows in healthcare management.

Analyze and classify legal documents, contracts and compliance reports to increase efficiency in legal departments.

Our adaptive AI solutions are designed to meet the highest security standards. Data encryption and strict access protocols ensure that sensitive information is secure.